Discovering Terra Messenger 2005 with MessengerGeek users

Recently I found out that there was unofficial MSN Messenger client called "Terra Messenger 2005" by Spanish company Terra.

Here are some screenshots of this program that I found on Softonic.

I decided to try to patch this program, so it should work with Escargot servers. We see that Terra Messenger 2005 is based on MSN Messenger 5.1.0639, so I was gonna follow MSN 5.0 - 6.2 patching instruction to get this program to work.

The beginning of patching

It was December 14, 2018. I've set up a test Windows XP virtual machine, because I didn't want to experiment in my main virtual machine. I've set up Chrome, HxD, Notepad++, 7-Zip, WinRAR and finally, Terra Messenger itself.

After installing Terra Messenger, I opened "msmsgs.exe" with HxD and changed all the values I need to change as said in patching instruction. After that I downloaded SetEscargotServer.reg, so registry values are changed too. I opened the program and... an error.

Getting help from MessengerGeek users

After a failed login attempt, I decided to create a topic about Terra Messenger in MessengerGeek.