PR4-Essay 1

The reading and the lecture are both about business and franchises. The author of the article feels that it is better to buy a franchise rather than create their own business. The lecture disputes the claims made in the article. Her position is that franchise has a lot of problems.

According to the reading, a business owner could make a mistake while searching for reliable suppliers. The article mentions that franchising companies already have reliable suppliers. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. She claims that franchising companies required you to buy products in the special shops, even if the products' cost is much higher than in the other shops. Additionally, she points out that this policy makes you overpaid.

Secondly, the author suggests that you can spend less money on advertising. In the article, it is said that you are already selling a well-known product. The lecture, however, asserts that you will be paying six percent of your all income for add. She goes on to say that it will be an ad for a company product, not your franchise.

Finally, the author posits that starting franchisees' failure rate is much lower than the failure rate for starting independent businesses. The author contends that buying a franchise is a good option for an inexperienced business owner to use a proven business model. In contrast, the lecturer's stance is that reading did not consider the third option. She notes that people could buy a business, and it will be twice successfully rather than buy a franchise.