How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46

If you are having the brother printer and it shows you the Brother Printer Error 46 on the LED display then don’t get tensed it is one of the most common issues which is faced by most of the brother printer once. But the most important thing that it can be easily laminated as the issues can be linked with the absorber pads. If you face this error for the first time and don’t know How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46 then don’t get tensed just follow some easy steps and replace or resolve the issues within no time.

All your concerns related to How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46 can be resolved only when you understand something about the “ink absorber pads”. These pads are used to control the in transmission to maintain the expected life if the brother machine. It holds the liquid and the dried ink after they start purged from the printer head. And when the head is full with the ink user get the Brother Printer Error 46. According to experts the pads need to be replaced as you get the Brother Printer Error 46. But sometimes, the printer shows you the 46 even when the pads are working fine in that case just follow easy fixes.

How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46?

Ink absorber pads can be used many times by printer and became saturated. No feature and software can show you the proper level of absorber pads but it can be determined by inspecting the printing quality of the documents. If your brother printer is in warranty then it is suggested by experts that connect with the brother experts and replace the pads instantly.

If your device s out of warranty and you want to fix the issue on your own then clear all your concerns related to How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46 by below-listed methods. Part 1 – Put Your Printer In Maintenance Mode

· To start the process users need to unplug the brother printer form all power sources.

· After that hold down the set, .menu or start button as per your choice. It is suggested that use the menu button in case you don’t have the menu button then chose other options.

· Keep the button pressed down and plug your printer again to a stable power source and wait until you see a popup stating the maintenance mode. Step 2 – Reset The Printer Purge Counter

· If you followed all the steps carefully and put your printer into the maintenance mode then you need to reset the printer purge as well.

· To do so you can perform various methods based on the type and model of your printer. Solutions can be varied based on your printer buttons and keypads:

Resetting The Purge Counter Of Printers With Number Keypads

· If your printer has the number keypad then type 80 to access the options.

· After that users need to use the arrow keys and move down to the options until you they locate the purge option followed by a number.

· Now enter the 2783 and make sure that the number written next to the purge should be set to 0.

· After that click on the stop or exit option to head back to the maintenance mode.

· At last, enter the 99 and exit the process and restart your printer.

Resetting The Purge Counter Of Modern Printers With Number Keypads

If you have the latest model of brother printer having the number keypad then follow below listed steps:

· First pf all you need to hold down the home button until you get the information related to serial no, ROM version and print page and blank option.

· After that select and press the blank option present at the bottom of the available list.

· Now press 0# on the display to access the maintenance mode.

· After that use the keypad and enter 80.

· Now use arrows to scroll until you find out purge count.

· When you locate the options enter 2783 and click on the mono stat option to reset the purge.

· At last stop and exit the process by using the stop key.

Resetting The Purge Counter Of Printers Without Keypads

If you have the brother printer which doesn’t support fax service or don’t have keys follow below-listed steps:

· First of all head to the maintenance mode by following the same instruction as above listed. Just make sure instead of entering the numbers with the help of keyboard use the up and down arrow to enter the number.

· Scroll to the 8 and click on ok after that scroll down to 0 and again press ok button.

· After that scroll down until you get the option purge with a count.

· After that use the OK button and enter 2,7,8,3 number and set the counter to the 00000.

This will definitely help you in eliminating the Printer Error 46. But in case you still unable to resolve the still and still have concerns related to How To Fix Brother Printer Error 46? Reach out to helpdesk and get instant assistance from experts.