February 6, 2020

Container Capping Machine Market Scope, Size, Share, Insights, Trends, Forecast by 2028

Global Container Capping Machine Market: Introduction

Automation in packaging is increasing owing to reduce operating time and enhance productivity. The container capping machine is used to apply caps and closures or seal containers without or minimum human interventions. Growing demand for packaged products are expected to propel the market for container capping machine. Container capping machine performs tasks such as picking, placing, and tightening of caps. Container capping machines can be available in integrated or stand-alone format as per the need of end-users. Form-fill-seal is made up by the composition of forming, filling, and capping operations, which is used by CPG and pharmaceuticals industry.

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Global Container Capping Machine Market: Dynamics

Form-Fill-Seal Machine Is Expected To Decline the Market Share of Container Capping Machine

The automated form-fill-seal machines are dropping the demand for stand-alone container capping machine owing to all in one packaging functions. The key players are shifting toward the manufacturing of integrated or combined machine to attract more customers. The combine filling and capping machine for bottles and liquid cartons is anticipated to replace stand-alone container capping machine for non-alcoholic beverages. In the pharmaceutical industry, major companies are shifting toward blow-fill-seal machine to increase hygiene and reduce the time of packaging.

Increasing Demand for Packaged Consumer Goods Fuels Growth of Packaging Machinery

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are increasing in the market, owing to increased urbanization and growing disposable income. The companies are looking forward to the aesthetic enhancement of products with the help of packaging. The packaging of products by machines is on the hike due to cost effective operations. It also reduced the energy and resources taking place for packaging of products manually. The uniformity in packaging and interchangeability of packaging design at any moment is attributed to be a high preference for end-users.

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Adoption of Flexible Packaging Formats Is Expected To Affect the Demand for Container Capping Machines in the Next Decade

The flexible packaging formats such as pouches, stick packs, bags, and others are attributed to the rise in demand due to low weight and ecofriendly than plastic rigid containers. Plastic containers are replacing by flexible packaging formats, which can be threat for the container capping machines market. Apart from this, the container capping machine also has an opportunity in flexible packaging sealing owing to increased demand for doypack or stand-up pouches with caps.

Global Container Capping Machine Market: Geographical Outlook

As considering the significant demand for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading market for container capping machine. China and India are attributed to be responsible market regions in the growth of the Asia Pacific market region. China and India are estimated to be a lucrative market region for key players of container capping machines due to an increasing number of end-users. Europe and North America container capping machine market are playing a key role in the research and development of machine on a technological level. Brazil & Mexico makes a high impact on the overall demand for Latin America container capping machine market owing to industrial expansion and entry of manufacturers from Europe and the United States.

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