History about Suzuki Ertiga, how much do you know

Need a family MPV that can carry a lot of passengers but is still fuel efficient? Not only the Toyota Avanza , another alternative that is more satisfying is the Suzuki Ertiga . This popular Suzuki Indonesia model provides generous cabin space and an efficient engine compared to its competitors. Find out more about the advantages and considerations of choosing this car.

History of the Suzuki Ertiga

The Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle segment or also known as LMPV has gained popularity in Indonesia since the presence of the Toyota Avanza. However, other Japanese manufacturers did not want to lose in presenting this Million People Car competitor. So the Suzuki Ertiga was born.

The name Ertiga itself is taken from a combination of Indonesian and English. Where Ertiga is the pronunciation of “R3” or 'row 3', in Indonesian it becomes 3 lines. Indicates that this car has a seating capacity of three rows in the cabin.

Suzuki Ertiga was originally the first product line from Suzuki Indonesia which was assembled and marketed in the country. However, as its development and popularity are increasing rapidly, Ertiga is also marketed to various countries, including India.

Apart from being manufactured at the Suzuki factory in Bekasi, West Java, the Ertiga was started by Maruti Suzuki at their factory in Gurgaon, India; Changan Suzuki China with a factory located in Chongqing; and Suzuki Myanmar who assembled this car in Thailand. In fact, Mazda collaborated with Suzuki to present the Mazda version of the Ertiga, which was named the Mazda VX-1.

The first generation

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) introduced the Ertiga for the first time in 2012 based on the Suzuki New Swift platform, Suzuki Indonesia's smaller hatchback version. Therefore, Suzuki claims the Ertiga offers sedan-class comfort and is agile to drive like a hatchback.

The first generation Suzuki Ertiga was introduced in three variants, namely the Ertiga GA, GL, and GX which were named the highest variants. However, Suzuki brought various new options, namely the Ertiga variant with AC Double Blower. This system is only provided on the GL and GX models.

Initially the Ertiga was only marketed with a 5-speed manual transmission. But the high demand from consumers made PT SIS introduce Ertiga automatic transmission in May 2013. A few months later, Ertiga Elegant was released in September 2013.

Ertiga at that time still used the K14B 1.4L 4-cylinder engine with DOHC technology with VVT which was able to produce up to 95 PS at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 130 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This engine is also used on the smaller Suzuki Splash.

SIS finally introduced the more elegant Ertiga through the New Ertiga facelift in September 2015. Suzuki revealed that there were 20 changes made, including the addition of various chrome accents seen on the vehicle's exterior and interior.

The most obvious, of course, is the grille which is no longer in the form of a net, but becomes three horizontal-style blades with chrome accents. The cabin house does not miss getting chrome accents, new designs on the front bumper and wheels, and the addition of reflector technology to the headlights.

PT SIS introduced the New Ertiga Dreza in January 2016 with two variants, namely Ertiga Dreza and Ertiga Dreza DS as the highest variant compared to the standard Ertiga. Apart from the new grille and wheels, there are many chrome ornaments embedded, including door handles and rear bumper.

Unfortunately, the first generation has been out of production since 2018 and has been replaced by the second generation. But for consumers who want to get a used first-generation Ertiga, the population is large enough that it doesn't make it difficult to find them.

Second generation

In Indonesia, the second generation Ertiga went on sale in May 2018 and is available in the same variants as the first edition, namely Ertiga GA, GL, and GX. The GA variant is only available in a 5-speed manual transmission, while the GL and GX variants get a 4-speed automatic transmission option.

Another difference is the presence of a cream-colored interior with wood accents given to the highest variant, the Ertiga GX. Suzuki Indonesia presents a special edition that is sold exclusively and limited in Surabaya, namely the Suzuki Ertiga GT.

The GX variant with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system was exhibited as a display unit in 2018. Meanwhile, the Suzuki Ertiga Sport version began greeting visitors to the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show in August 2018. It was only a year later that this model was officially launched.

The Ertiga Sport variant is based on the GX trim which features a net-style front grille, a sportier body kit that distinguishes it from other Ertiga variants, DRL lights, black interior with wood accents, rear camera and equipped with an ESP system as standard features.

Having various similarities to the previous generation, the All New Ertiga gets the appearance of the headlights with a narrower design than before. Coupled with projector technology for better lighting, the fog lamps get the addition of black bezels.

Ertiga 2018 does get a more premium impression than before. Because the front grille presents chrome accents which make it more classy. Closing changes to the front fascia is a lower lip that complements the front bumper design.

On the side, a firm straight line flows from the front side to the rear body. An update is also felt on the new multi spoke wheels used in this car. In addition to the silver accents on the door handles, Ertiga also has side mirrors with turn signals.

Still inside, there is a dashboard display that is made more stylish than the previous generation. In-cabin features include a touch screen head unit measuring 6.8 inches with a new panel design and additional engine start / stop features to make driving easier on the road.

The highest Ertiga GX and Ertiga Sport variants both get a head unit with a Bluetooth connection for playing radio and music via the USB and Aux slots. A more complete system is provided in the highest variant in the form of a mirroring feature for smartphones.

Refreshing its appearance, the 2019 Ertiga launches with various minor changes. Catching up with Xpander, Ertiga 2019 and Ertiga Sporty 2019 get new features in the form of fog lamps that have been given to the GL type and allow two tone design wheels.

The interior of the Ertiga 2019 type GX gets a new head unit equipped with AC Auto Climate with heater. So that the cabin temperature can be adjusted more easily. There is also a rear defogger, wiring harness, and Foldable Assist Grip technology on the first and second row ceilings.

All Suzuki Ertiga cars marketed in Indonesia already use the K15B engine with DOHC VVT technology. With a 1.5L capacity, consumers can choose between a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission with CVT technology.

Ertiga's changes and technology are able to bring power up to 105 PS at 6,000 rpm to a peak torque of 138 Nm at 4,400 rpm. It is powerful, but the Ertiga is quite economical in fuel consumption thanks to the Multi Point Injection technology that is applied.

A sense of comfort is provided thanks to the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) technology combined with the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system and traction control, supporting a safer and more comfortable ride at high speeds or when passing through slippery roads after rain.

Passengers inside the cabin are protected by a stiffer Heartect body frame, which is claimed to be able to minimize impact and prevent serious injury when an accident occurs. Other new features given to the Ertiga Sport include Hill Hold Control which is useful for holding the car down when stopping on an uphill or downhill road.

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