Modern slavery

It is believed that slavery in the past and in civilized states you will not see with your hands in chains. But this is just another illusion that the System gives us. And to be convinced of this, it is enough to remember what slavery is.

The idea of ​​slavery is that one person can own another and fully control his whole life. But at the same time, the slave owner had to bear the costs - to feed, clothe, heal, provide housing, suppress unrest, our System managed to avoid many worries.

Slavery these days is almost perfect compared to its ancestor, since it is voluntary. People accept the rules of the game and, like bees, work all their lives without even knowing that there is a beekeeper. The system, in turn, has a set of rules, according to which it exists:

1. Substitution of values ​​and education in the society of consumer relations.

2. The amount of wages should cover only expenses necessary for life, such as: food, housing, clothing.

3. To provide an opportunity to purchase the necessary goods on credit, so that the slave works even more by paying interest on the loan.

4. Acquisition of an apartment as a deposit at a high interest rate, in order to tie the slave to a place for several decades, to develop his financial dependence, to give the opportunity to transfer the imposed knowledge to his children.

5. Training should be directed not at developing mental abilities, but at nurturing the desire to obey in the student.

6. Free time should be sufficient only to recuperate between working days.

7. Periodically it is necessary to create and illuminate resonant events, so that slaves in an indignant discussion would throw out all the negative energy, and not destroy the System.

When your parents take an active part in this game, as well as in everything that surrounds you, you have to go the same way. This is how self-regulation occurs within the system, and only a few can get out of this bucket, like a crab.