How To Think Clearly And Become Wealthy

How To Think Clearly And Become Wealthy

When combined with clarity of purpose, persistence, and a burning passion, thoughts can emerge in the physical. Riches begin with one's thinking and the ability to implement principles that facilitate wealth acquisition.
Success follows failures and a few brief setbacks. It is usually prudent not to give up after a few setbacks, as success is closer than you believe. According to the author, "Failure is a crafty and ironic trickster." It takes tremendous pleasure in tripping one up just when success is about to arrive”.


A clear desire is the starting point for all accomplishments. To succeed at anything, you must eliminate all avenues of retreat and remain resolute in your pursuit of that goal. This maintains the will to win at all costs.

Wishing alone will not bring riches, but desire combined with an obsessive state of mind, then devising specific ways and means to achieve those riches, then following through on those plans with an unwavering perseverance that does not recognise failure, will bring riches.

Desire may be transformed into wealth in six simple steps:

Make a mental note of the quantity of money you desire. Make your point unequivocally and plainly.

Determine precisely what you intend to deliver in exchange for the desired funds.

Determine a specific date by which you intend to acquire the money you desire.

Create a specific plan for achieving your goal and carry it through.

Create a concise statement outlining the amount of money you desire to collect, together with a time restriction, what you intend to contribute in exchange for the money, and the method by which you expect to accumulate it.

Aloud read your written statement twice everyday, once before sleeping and once upon awakening.

You are already in possession of the money as you read, see, feel, and believe. With persisting faith, reclaim wants. This approach can be used to achieve any result or objective.


Faith is the conviction that something wonderful will occur. It is a state of mind that is induced through autosuggestion or repeated messages to the subconscious mind. Each thought combined with faith has an effect on the subconscious mind. Affirmations can be used to manifest thoughts. Writing down goals and stating them aloud with emotion on a daily basis rewires your subconscious mind and assists it in manifesting thoughts. The subconscious mind operates on the basis of the thoughts that you feed it.


The term "auto-suggestion" refers to any suggestion that enters the mind via the five senses. It is the medium of communication between the region of the mind where conscious thought occurs and the area of the mind that serves as the subconscious mind's seat of action. It is just presenting to the subconscious mind the thoughts you wish to manifest, and the subconscious mind then hands over plans on how to accomplish those goals, usually through inspirations, and the plan must be carried out rapidly to produce results. Only thoughts that have been well combined with emotion or feeling are recognised and acted upon by the subconscious mind.

Specialized Expertise

Knowledge on its own will not attract wealth until it is turned into specific action plans aimed at attracting money. According to the author, "knowledge is not a source of power, but rather a prospective source of power." Only when knowledge is structured into specific plans of action and directed toward a specific goal does it become powerful.” Learn how to arrange and use knowledge after learning.

Knowledge is not a source of power, but rather a potential source of power. Only when knowledge is structured into specific plans of action and directed toward a certain goal does it become powerful.

Before you can convert your aspirations to monetary equivalents, you must have specialised understanding of the service you wish to offer in exchange for fortune.

To begin acquiring knowledge, you must first determine the type of knowledge you require and the purpose for which it is required. The route of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.

The mastermind concept is used to organise information by building alliances with qualified individuals who are knowledgeable about the project at hand.


Man is capable of creating anything he imagines, and his only restriction is in the growth and application of his imagination.

The imaginative faculty operates in two modes: synthetic and creative imagination.

Synthetic imagination: in this stage, the faculty uses the ideas, concepts, and materials provided to it to build new combinations.

Man receives new ideas through this faculty in the form of hunches and inspiration. Man's finite thinking communicates directly with Infinite Intelligence. This faculty is activated only when the conscious mind vibrates rapidly, i.e. when the conscious mind is stimulated by the emotion of great desire.

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In proportion to its development via usage, the creative faculty becomes more attentive and receptive to vibrations from endless sources (i.e making efforts to always consult your creative imagination). The transformation of desire into reality necessitates the formulation of plans, which are primarily produced through the synthetic faculty. The first step in preparing to transform your dream into reality is to actually write down your ideas and devise strategies to carry them out. Riches are earned by the application of specific concepts, not via accident or good fortune.

Planned Organization

Plans should be made to transform desires into their physical manifestations. Utilizing the mastermind principle is one approach of planning. Surrounding yourself with people who possess the knowledge necessary to accomplish your goal. Each plan you implement in your quest to accumulate riches should be a collaborative effort between you and every other member of your MasterMind group.

While drafting a plan, be persistent in moving on to the next one if the first one fails until you find one that works. Plans should be feasible and practicable. When defeat occurs, accept it as a sign that your plans are flawed. Rebuild your plans and continue toward your goal.


Procrastination, the polar opposite of decision, is the ability to delay making a decision. It is an enemy that every man must overcome. Be a person who makes decisions swiftly and changes them slowly. Always avoid blindly following the opinions of others. If you require facts or information from others in order to make a choice, gather the information you require discreetly and without betraying your goal. Reduce your speaking and increase your listening. Genuine wisdom is always manifested in modesty and silence. Those who make DECISIONS quickly and decisively know what they want and generally succeed in obtaining it. Making a firm decision also demands bravery.


Without tenacity, no one achieves notable accomplishment in any endeavour. Persistence enables you to focus your efforts and willpower on achieving your goals. Persistency motivates you to persist in the face of failure until you reach achievement.

Four stages to establish perseverance

A specific objective fueled by a strong desire to see it fulfilled.

A specific strategy that is carried out in a continual manner.

A mentality that is impervious to all harmful stimuli.

Alliance with one or more individuals who will motivate you to carry out your goal and mission.

These methods will enable you to accomplish the objective of your specific objective.


Power is a structured and intelligently directed knowledge. Knowledge can be accumulated by:

Infinite intellect is attainable through imaginative creativity.

either from human encounters or from texts.

Experimentation and study are used to uncover previously unknown facts and information.

Mastermind is the harmonious coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more persons for the aim of achieving a specific goal. Having a mastermind group enables you to conveniently access knowledge and material that will aid in the growth of your intellect.

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When two or more individuals work together and toward a common goal, they position themselves in a position to absorb power directly from the immense universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. This is the most powerful of all sources of energy.