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Advanced Brain Monitoring is a neuro-diagnostics device company internationally recognized for its innovative technologies. Brain monitoring devices are used to monitor brain activities of the patients during their conscious and unconscious conditions. Some of the monitors are used to measure the oxygen level and provides accurate, consistent measurements of oxygen in tissue.Brain injury occurs either at the time of a direct insult or subsequently due to changes in the physical and biochemical environment.

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The ability to measure these changes reliably is of paramount importance in order to tailor the treatment to each individual patient and therefore prevent the onset of secondary brain injury. Brain monitoring is important in critical clinical scenarios where the extent or evolution of neurologic injury is unknown. Common situations include the comatose state after cardiac arrest, poor grade aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH), and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) et al. The extent of neurologic injury and injury progression are crucial in determining prognosis and guiding intensive care strategies to ameliorate the neurologic injury.

In this research, multimodal monitoring including the most promising serum markers of neuronal injury, cerebral microdialysis, brain tissue oxygenation, and pressure reactivity index to access brain microenvironment will be discussed with their utility among specific pathologies that may help determine a more complete picture of the neurologic injury state for active intensive care management and long-term outcomes.

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