Last Spray Announces Two Sprayer and Fogger Machines Amid COVID-19 Disinfectant Mandates

With over one million Americans having contracted COVID-19, as well as significantly more than 90,000 lives lost currently, it's more important than ever that companies, building owners, and everyday people do their part to slow the spread. As society works to come back on track in the coming months, there needs to be disinfecting efforts that prevent the sharing of the coronavirus among people, both for our lives, as well as our overrun hospitals.

Therefore, we've doubled down on our efforts to produce the most important products open to hotels, office spaces, buildings, restaurants, and so forth today. We all know that these businesses need an efficient, yet cost-effective solution for keeping their spaces totally coronavirus-free. This is exactly why we're proud to announce the immediate accessibility to our disinfectant fogger machine, as well as our disinfectant sprayer.

With one of these machines, business owners will have the ability to regulate the cleanliness and safety of their spaces to allow them to go back to operating their businesses as normal. This dependence on disinfecting is placing a financial burden on so many businesses around the united states, which is why we wished to do something about it.

Here's a tad bit more about our two machine options:

The Last Spray 360 System

Our Last Spray 360 System will kill pathogens comprehensively, on the surface, in the air, and in virtually any corner. We managed to get by having an easy-to-use setup simply by clicking the โ€œstartโ€ button to begin. It uses 83 mL of disinfectant to protect surfaces against a wide selection ulv sprayer of bacteria, virus, and mycoplasma.

This fogger machine is intended for more high quality spaces, saving owners on operating time and costs. We believe that no matter what sort of industrial space you possess, safety remains a top priority today.

The Last Spray Electric Sprayer

Our electric sprayer was created with a more agile configuration for hotels and restaurants, spraying around 50 microns onto surfaces without saturating them further. It can be adjusted for anyone utilizing it, and is perfect in smaller spaces, like within medical facilities or as an office disinfectant machine.

Your Coronavirus Disinfectant

We have to all bond at this time as we move forward past this pandemic. We shall survive, as we always have, but we must be smart about it. If you are in the commercial for a new disinfectant machine, we'd want to talk further with you.