Automotive Laser Headlight Market 2020 : Analysis By Application, Types, Region And Business Growth Drivers

The automotive laser headlight market is undergoing new and unexpected management challenges amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. Since automotive laser headlights fall under the photonics-related businesses, manufacturers are expected to strategize over supplies, finance, and customer care.

Manufacturers are taking keen interest in webinar series that shed light on fighting global supply chain disruptions and investments in the semiconductor sector. They are adopting new strategies of team building and learning techniques of approaching employees after a furlough. Webinars are gaining increased importance amongst headlamp manufacturers, since such events share ideas and insights that cover operational topics. Photonics executives are receiving business and management related resources by participating in webinars. These factors are driving the automotive laser headlight market.

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The trend of autonomous driving is steadily picking pace in the automotive laser headlight market. The combination of LED and laser is serving as a building block for Advanced Front Lighting Systems (AFLS). Applications such as lighting, sensing, computing, and software control is playing a pivotal role in AFLS. Moreover, digitalization of cars is one of the megatrends in the automotive laser headlight market and is prominent in the sector of electric and autonomous vehicles.

On the other hand, the trend of LiFi (Light Fidelity) communication and high-resolution sensing is bringing about a significant change in the market landscape. Manufacturers are focusing on the commercialization of visible laser light sources in order to increase the availability of automotive laser headlights. Laser light sensing technologies help measure the distance of objects in mobility applications.

Innovations in the automotive laser headlight technology are grabbing the attention of buyers. There is a growing demand for automotive laser headlights that are safe for the human eye. For instance, Germany-based global leader in lighting solutions, OSRAM GmbH, has introduced its three blue laser headlights that focus the energy onto lens filled with yellow phosphorous, which make the light beams safe for the human eye. Such innovations are contributing toward the growth of the automotive laser headlight market, which is expected to expand at a high CAGR of ~27% as the market matures.

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Companies in the automotive laser headlight market are focusing on increasing the applicability of laser lights in high-end car models such as the BMW and Audi Series. Laser headlamp models are pervasively replacing LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), owing to its larger brightness as compared to the latter.

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