Pet Dietary Supplement Market 2020 : Overview Of The Key Driving Forces To Create Positive Impact On The Industry Growth

Pet dietary supplements are gaining increased popularity among pet parents, owing to their treatment capabilities for various types of allergies, digestive issues, and anxiety in pets. Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are increasing research efforts to introduce organic dog supplements. These efforts are being made to innovate in multivitamin organic supplements. As such, multivitamins supplement segment of the pet dietary supplement market is estimated to reach an output of ~42,500 units by the end of 2027. Hence, manufacturers are making multivitamin supplements available in popular forms of powders and chews. Apart from powders and chews, manufacturers in the market of pet dietary supplement are producing palatable forms of supplements in the mode of oils and sprays to meet the pet and pet parent’s convenience. They are increasing the availability of probiotics to support the immunity and digestive health of cats and dogs.

Various drivers are contributing for the uptake of multivitamin supplements. Recovery from illnesses or surgeries or other problems, such as arthritis and joint discomfort, are creating high demand for organic pet supplements. Hence, pet nutrition laboratories are developing gold-standard vitamin/mineral supplements that easily complement all diets of dogs. They are also leveraging opportunities in micronutrients and probiotics to support muscle growth in dogs.

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Pet owners are becoming increasingly aware about microbiome analysis of pets. This awareness is prominent in the market for pet dietary supplement, owing to its benefits toward gut health. There are supplements targeted toward health of gastrointestinal tract of pets. As such, the gastrointestinal tract application segment of the pet dietary supplement market is estimated to reach a value of ~US$ 500 Mn in 2019. Hence, veterinary clinicians are suggesting pet owners about the advantages of microbiome to support their pet’s gut health.

Microbiome provides the right kind of guidance to owners about which vitamins and minerals are effectively absorbed by pets. Hence, companies in the pet dietary supplement market, such as AnimalBiome – an innovator in animal health is creating awareness about microbiome tests to improve the health of pets. Innovations in this novel test are anticipated to even replace antibiotics. More number of pet owners are benefitting from microbiome supplementation, since it encourages the faecal microbiota transplantation in cases of heavy antibiotic exposure or infections by pathogens.

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Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are adopting human supplement categories to develop novel pet supplements supporting joint health. They are increasing the production of glucosamine supplements to meet pet needs. As such, in terms of supplement, the glucosamine segment of the pet dietary supplement market is anticipated to reach an output of ~38,500 units by 2027.

Supplements rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are improving the quality of life of pets. Companies in the pet dietary supplement market are observing trends to strategically market their products. For instance, manufacturers are increasing the production of dog products, since supplement purchases for dogs is higher, as compared to cats. Joint health issues and the need for supplements that reduce inflammation are attracting the attention of pet owners. Manufacturers in the pet dietary supplement market are exploring incremental opportunities in supplements that improve cognitive health and immunity of pets.

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