Inflight Advertising Market Trends, Industry Analysis, Leading Players, Emerging Growth Key Players By 2023

Global Inflight Advertising Market Forecast to 2023 - Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast up to 2023.    

The leading market players in the global Inflight Advertising market primarily include Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Global Eagle, IMM International, EAM Advertising LLC, MaXposure Media Group (I) Pvt. Ltd., INK, Global Onboard Partners, Atin OOH, Zagoren Collective, and Blue Mushroom.

Inflight Advertising Market – Market Overview

The inflight advertising market has witnessed the advent of new technologies and techniques of advertising off late. Development of Inflight apps, Wi-Fi based entertainment systems, live television and e commerce platforms has enabled firms to aggressively advertise targeted customers. Interactive interfaces of display screens and live televisions expose passengers to the world of inflight advertising and abridging the gap between potential customers and advertisers.

In the current scenario, every industry has been impacted by the massive technology change that have occurred over the past decade. In case of airlines, about 70% of the companies have stopped offering printed media on-board or are planning to stop offering the print media in next 5 years. Thus, digital media and advertising techniques are expected to have a positive impact on the inflight advertising market, disguising advertisements in the form of entertainment and making potential customers more accessible to the firms.

Inflight Advertising Market – Competitive Analysis

The global in-flight advertising market is characterized by the presence of many global, regional, and local vendors. The market is highly competitive with all the players competing to gain market share. Intense competition, rapid advances in technology, frequent changes in government policies, and environmental regulations are key factors that confront market growth. The vendors compete based on cost, product quality, reliability, and aftermarket service. It is crucial for the vendors to provide cost-efficient and high-quality in-flight advertising services, in order to survive and succeed in an intensely competitive market environment.

The growth of the market vendors is dependent on the market conditions, government support, and industry development. Thus, the vendors should focus on expanding geographically and improving services. Emirates Group (UAE), Panasonic Avionics Corporation (U.S.), IMM International (France), EAM Advertising LLC (U.S.), Maxposure Media Group (India), InterAir Media (U.S.), INK (U.K.), Global Onboard Partners (U.S.), Atin OOH (India), Zagoren Collective (U.S.), and Blue Mushroom (India) are the major companies in the market, which compete in terms of availability, quality, price, and technology. They primarily focus on the development of sophisticated In-Flight Advertising.

Inflight Advertising Market – Regional Analysis

North America is the leading regions in the In-Flight Advertising market. The sheering existence of major in-flight advertising firms such as Global Onboard Partners and Zagoren Collective, in this region, combined with the availability of sophisticated technology to deliver in-flight advertisements through various mediums, result in this region being the leading region in the in-flight advertising. Therefore, in 2016, North America had an overall share of 33.53% of the inflight advertising market. Moreover, it is expected that approximately 10,000 aircraft would be in service in the region by 2035, which would create an opportunity for the major and prominent advertising companies of the region.

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