March 14, 2020

Blogging Stats and Trends 2020

Will blogging be as effective in 2020 as it used to be a couple of years ago? This is probably the most asked question while discussing a new marketing strategy for your brand. The answer to this question is -  Absolutely Yes! As the demand for Content Marketing is at its all-time high, Blogging will prove to be more effective than ever in 2020.

Blogging was very easy way back in 2009/2010 as there was less competition and the search engines weren’t smart enough as they are today. With technological advancement, search engines became smarter and smarter and people realized the power of blogging resulting in high competition. The blogging industry is at its peak as people are opting for a full-time career in blogging. Businesses as well have started to invest heavily in content marketing after realizing the power of blogging and the results that it brings. Although people have shifted their preference to videos, the demand for content still remains high. It’s just another form people started consuming information.

If you are planning to add blogging to your marketing strategy, here are a few facts and trends you must know before you chalk out your strategies.

Impact of blogs:

Blogs are a big part of the internet. Out of 1.3 billion websites on the Internet, 600 million websites have blogs. From people casually surfing the internet, to large scale businesses, blogs affect all the aspects of the demographics on the Internet.

Important Stats -

-Blogs on your website improve your SEO by 434%.

-23% of the total time spent on the Internet is on blogs.   

-77% of Internet users read blogs

-81% of US customers trust and advise the information they get from blogs.

-14% of all bloggers make their living by blogging.

Statistics of Bloggers

Blogs the brainchild of bloggers. It helps the blogger to gain recognition of the global audience. Here are a few interesting stats and numbers of bloggers around the world.

-Around 6.7 million people have their own blogging sites whereas 12 million people use Twitter for blogging.

-Popular blogging sites from the US have 46 million unique visitors every month.

-The average age of a blogger is between 21 and 35 years, majority of them being women.

-The total number of bloggers in the US is expected to reach 31 million in 2020.

-34% of the bloggers have been blogging for less than one year.

-46.8% of bloggers spend less than 5 hours blogging each week whereas 31% of bloggers spend around 40 hours blogging each week.

Blogs Effects on Companies

With content marketing gaining popularity and demand, companies have realised the potential of adding blogs to support their products or services on their websites. Here are a couple of interesting stats

-Blogging is the top strategy of 55% marketeers when it comes to content marketing.

-B2B Marketers use blogs 75% of the time whereas B2C marketers use blogs 61% of the time.

Readers and Blog Posts

A blog is nothing without its readers. Surprisingly, there seems to be a trend as to how people interact or read the blog posts. Below mentioned statistics will help you understand the reading behavior of the readers.

-94% of people who share blog posts share it with an intention of helping other readers.

-43% of readers read the blogs roughly and skim through the post.

-36% of readers like list-based headlines.

-Blogs supported with images have 94% more views.

-70% to 80% of all users ignore paid ads and focus on organic results. 

Blog Facts

With all the above-mentioned stats, it can be said that blogs have a notable imprint on the Web. However, popular blogs share similar traits. Here are a few random and interesting facts about blogs  

-The average length of a top-ranking Google Blog post is between 1140 to 1285 words.

-69.4% of the blogs generate absolutely no income.

-Similarly, 0.6% of the blogs make millions of dollars.

-But 0.6% of all the blogs make over a million dollars.

69% of bloggers only have 1 blog.

-Text-based blogs take first place as the most common blogging format with 63.9% users followed by 26.8% users on video blogs.

Blogging trends to focus on in 2020 

There are various factors that decide whether you are going to be successful with blogging or not. The most important point is to build your brand around your blog. After Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) update, it’s quite clear that people only love to read & recommended the content they trust. This is exactly what you want to focus on in 2020. Following are the points that will help you grow your blog as an authority in 2020.

Quality Content

The two most heard words when it comes to Content Marketing or Blogging are Quality Content. What exactly is quality content? How can one make sure that the produced content is high quality? Here are a few points that will help you in understanding what exactly is meant by Quality Content.

-It’s 2020 and it is not necessary to write the longest content. Instead of writing the longest content, focus on writing content that will exactly address the topic. Make sure your content is easy to read and answers all the queries without wasting much time of your readers. It is obvious that you must cover all the important points to explain the topic.

-Do not priorities on Keyword optimization or density much. Instead focus on semantic search terms, Low Search Intensity Keywords and questions around the topic.

-Correct all the grammatical errors. This may not be a ranking factor but definitely impacts the reputation of the writer and harms the quality of the content.        

Fast Loading Websites

Website loading speed is one of the raking factors. Make sure your website loads faster. As people are growing impatient day by day, if your website takes a long time to load, the readers will look for another blog post on the same topic. In that case, your page will lose trust and ranking both at the same time.

 Better Website Structure 

The structure of the website decides the reputation of your website or your brand. As the readers have less time to read or explore, it is necessary to make sure that your website is well structured that provides everything in front for the readers as well as search engines.

Understanding Search Intent

Search Intent or Keyword Intent is one important point that one must understand before you start blogging in 2020. Make sure to understand what is search intent and how exactly one should target keywords.

Improve User Engagement

User engagement is one key factor that decides the relevancy or trustworthiness of that particular page. Incase a reader discovers your page through a search engine and presses the back button quickly after landing on your page, it affects the dwell time. Google Search Brain is smart enough to understand this behavior of the reader and it gets into conclusion that your page doesn’t have relevant information. This will further drop the ranking of your website. So, make sure your blog post includes some interactive content like video, quiz, infographics that will make the reader spend more time on your website.

Understanding Ranking Factors

It is very important to understand the ranking factors and how search engines work if you want to be successful at blogging in 2020. Google is the biggest search engine and if you know how things work for Google, it will be enough to understand how things work for other search engines as well. Every year google updates its algorithms which affect the ranking factors. Hence it becomes very important to stay up to date with the latest updates.

Don’t Ignore Videos

Video content was the most demanding thing in 2019 and will remain in demand in 2020 as well. YouTube emerged as the best alternative to TV as people now spend the majority of their time watching videos rather than reading. This doesn’t mean you should quit writing blogs and start producing videos on YouTube. The intention here is to make the most of the available platform and not ignore it completely. You can easily create text as well as video content for the same topic. 


So, these are a few stats and trends that will guide you in starting your blogging journey. Starting a blog is a child’s play but growing it is a difficult task as it requires tremendous amount of hard work, patience and great knowledge. So, don’t hesitate to invest enough time and have an attitude to learn more. If you have an interest to learn more, then you can build a good career in blogging in 2020.

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