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Traditional metal braces involve metal brackets and arch wires. Many patients think of the traditional appliances when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Modern braces are smaller and less conspicuous compared to the traditional metal appliances which were used formerly. Now days the heat activated metal wire is used in combination with the ceramic brackets that help move your teeth to the right position involving less pain and fuss.

 Ceramic Braces vs metal braces

Ceramic braces consume more treatment time but are still the same size and shape as their former appliance such as metal braces. They are tooth-colored brackets thus making them compatible with aesthetics for many professionals as they blend into tooth. Some orthodontists even use teeth colored wires to make them even more less noticeable to others.

Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive compared to metal braces but still serve the same purpose.


Ceramic braces vs lingual braces

Crooked teeth can be corrected using many types of braces these days. Lingual brackets are placed behind the teeth, some may find it difficult to pronounce certain words for a while but the tongue will sooner or later will adapt to it. An orthodontic specialist will require intense training before catering to patients opting for lingual braces such as cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic braces on the other hand are similar to the traditional metal braces but are less visible to others thus making a client less concerned about his/her smile during the procedure. They are also the same shape as metal braces which blend in to teeth.

Pros and cons of ceramic braces

PROS - Teeth straightening can be achieved by applying rubber bands onto the appliance

Tooth colored wires can be used to further make them less visible.

Brackets that blend with the teeth make them less noticeable.

They are less expensive compared to Invisalign.

Cons - They are slightly more expensive compared to their counterparts i.e metal braces

The treatment time might take a little longer.



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February 25, 2019
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