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How to update your old content and give it a new life

If you do not update your old items you are wasting time, money and energy.

Is it possible to increase your blog traffic without creating new content? Not only is it possible but it is an effective and indispensable strategy to improve your positioning and thus increase visits.

Let's see some facts:

People like to watch fresh content. If you want to learn how to retouch an image in Lightroom and Google returns an article from 2019 and another from 2011, which one would you like to read?

Search engines prefer current content for the same reason we just saw. They want to show the content that users like best.

Once we have this clear, the first impulse you can have is: I will create new content every day/week/month. And it's OK. Publishing content regularly is the right way and consistency is the key. I repeat constancy is the key. This topic deserves another article (which is in my calendar and you can read in the coming weeks).

What may not be so obvious is that your content creation strategy does not have to be just going forward. If you don't stop and look back, you examine your file, you are missing many opportunities and you are not being efficient.

The moment you realize that all the content that you have already published can continue to work as if it were new, it is like thinking that you have a team of editors hired on staff. And that's great.

Updating your old content not only requires less effort, but you also get amazing results in a short time.

Using ACF to manage the models

We create a custom field group called Models, for example. We will place it on the side to maintain consistency with the place this functionality occupies in-page editing.

In this group, we will create the post_template field. The type of field that best reflects this behavior is the drop-down. We create the values: cover for the post that opens with the full-width image, inline for the article that has featured image integrated with the text column, and just-text for which it has no featured image.