February 25, 2020

Some people think that e-books are the death of paper books while others think that paper books will never disappear

It is thought that paper books will soon die because of the e-books. E-books are gadgets in which you can download and read books. And paper books are just books made from paper.

The main reason why people like e-books is that with one e-book you can read thousands of books, because you will not need to buy a new e-book to read something, you will just need to download a new book to your device. Because of this we also can say that e-books are more environmentally friendly, because there is no need to cut trees and to make paper to get the book. And, e-books are more convenient than paper books. It takes less space than old-fashioned books, you can read them in the dark and it will not hurt your eyes, and because of all of these reasons you can optimize your self-development or educational processes.

But there are lots of fans of paper books, and they prefer paper books to e-books, because they are more cozy than e-books. They have a good smell, excellent tactile feelings, and in total, these factors can make the process of reading paper book very comfortable and calm. And the second reason why people prefer paper books is that you don’t need to charge them and paper books have no exploitation period, so if you take care of them and keep them in the right place, these books will live forever.

In my opinion, the future stands behind the e-books. Soon, book authors and publishers will realize, that they could get more profit of publishing their books on e-books instead of printing a lot of copies of paper books. That is why i think paper books will die soon.

In conclusion, i can say that both paper books and e-books have their own advantages and disadvantages. And people decide what to read according to these pluses and minuses, but because the amount of people that prefer e-books is greater, paper books will die soon, maybe in ten or fifteen years.