What the Big Race is:

The Big race is a trader competition 🏍️

Event duration:

Three weeks

What do I have to do?

Trade and share your results with attached screenshots every day here 👉 @TarekAliTrader 

Does my profit or balance on the account matter?

No. Only the number of successful trades matter

How do I win?

You will need to have the bigger number of successful trades than the rest of participants at the end of competition

How do I know what place I am at?

Every day we will post the top 10 leaderboard

How many winners will the Big Race have?

Three. First place, Second place and the Third one

The Big Race prizes:

Money or devices

How to register in The Big Race:

Be or become a member of a Closed Telegram Group. Send a request for participation in the competition to my Direct Messages with your trading account number

Are there any time restrictions in registration? Do I have to hurry?

No. You can register every day while the event is going

How to join the Closed Telegram Group:

1. Register on the platform:      

2. Deposit at least 30$

3. Receive an invitation in my DM: @TarekAliTrader

Can I use signals in the Closed Telegram Group to win the competition?

Yes, you can either use them or not - depends on you