Educational Tips For Healthcare Workers During This Period Of Covid19

Corona virus infections are respiratory viruses which are known to cause illness ranging from common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome. It is well established that the virus can be transmitted from one person to the other by coming in contact or touching surfaces of an infected person.

Health care workers are mostly in contact with patients and are important source of exposure to infected cases in health care settings, with this it is expected that health care workers are at high risk of getting infected

Health care workers are also those in the frontline on tackling the corona virus , hence are directly involved in covid19 prevention and treatment and also having direct contact with confirmed or suspected cases through patient intake, treatment, specimen collection, testing, pathogen detection and pathologic anatomy of medical and healthcare professional and technical personnel.

Educational tips to health care workers especially this period of covid19 pandemic is very important as it will save and reduce the risk of getting infected. Health care workers are also humans and as such should be protected by all means from the corona virus infection; all possible actions must be taken to control the spread of the infection to healthcare workers, first by identifying the risk factors for infection and thereby taking the right and appropriate measures and also adherence to safety guidelines.

The established fact that health care workers are also at the risk of getting infected with corona virus is a critical issue that calls for serious concern because healthcare workers help in controlling the outbreak as well as treat those who are infected with covid19. Transmission of this virus to health care workers can be through overcrowding, absence of isolation room facilities, environmental contamination, lack and shortage of PPEs to health care workers.

The Importance Of Health Education

The knowledge of health education to health care workers will influence their attitudes and practices towards handling covid19 infection. To understand the importance of health education, we must have to understand what heath education is.

Health education is the process of educating people about their health and health issues. Health education is teaching individuals, groups and the society to behave in manner that is conducive to the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. It is the process of psychological and social dimensions relating to activities which will increase people’s abilities to make informed decisions affecting their personal, family and society’s total well being.

The importance of health education especially in this pandemic period cannot be overemphasized. It is very important so as to reduce the risk of infection and reduce the spread of the virus. Educating people on their health and the importance of keeping a good hygiene in this pandemic is very important.

The importance of health education to health care workers will motivates them to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease and reduce risky behaviors.

Adherence To The Use Of PPE

Even though some healthcare workers are complaining of unavailability of PPEs at their work place, some healthcare workers that have PPE don’t use them and do not adhere with the use of PPE. Lack of strict adherence to the use of PPE poses a big threat to health care workers who are in constant contact with covid19 patients in one way or the order.

There is news going round about healthcare workers infecting other patients in their hospitals who are not infected with corona virus, this can only be possible because of the negligence and carelessness on the part of health care workers. If health care workers must be protected from getting infected with covid19, then a strict adherence to the use of PPE is paramount and where there is none or shortage it should be provided for them to reduce the risk of health care workers getting infected and infecting others.

Improve Personal Hygiene

Improving personal hygiene is one of the important tips to observe during this period of covid19. Improving on personal hygiene means improving on those practices and conditions that help to maintain, preserve health and also prevent the spread of infections.

Maintaining a good personal hygiene habits like bathing or washing the body, washing of hands regularly, washing and trimming of hair for the men to avoid camping of diseases, cleaning of surfaces and many others. Some people are only mindful of their bodies, leaving out their environments and work places forgetting that a clean environment is a healthy environment.

Personal hygiene goes a long way in preventing and minimizing the spread of disease both at home and every other everyday setting like the workplace, schools, worship centers, all forms of social gatherings etc.

Work On Your Emotions

As a healthcare worker, you must learn to be in control of your emotions, know when to act fast in order to save a life ignoring the pains the patient may be feeling at that time. If you become too emotional at that time, a life may be lost, as a result of feeling pity for him/her. In this covid19 period, you see healthcare workers getting emotional with an infected patient who can put them at risk to their health and possible contamination.

However, some healthcare workers are very rude and lack manners, some of them do not know how to approach medical issues and conditions of patients, and because of this some of them attend to patients hurriedly neglecting all safety precautions which can protect them from getting infected.

Above all, work on your emotions; understand when to let it out and when to hold back. This is for your safety and that of others as well.

Read Some Undergraduate Topics On Health Education

Reading expands your knowledge on lots of issues. You can read some undergraduate research project topics on health education; it will help you a lot in understanding all about health and how to stay safe.

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Avoid Information Overload

Taking in and absorbing lots of information is highly detrimental to your mental health. Learn to sieve out every information take the important ones and discard the chaffs. Be mindful of the information you feed on and the people who spread them. Information overload can be weighty to the mind and may lead to depression.

Be Brave

Great men and women are known for their show of bravery at any given issue and time. Be brave and courageous in this period of covid19, believing that we will all come out of it hale and hearty.

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