Make money easyo

If you are interested in trading, but do not want to pay for information to self-proclaimed money makers, then this article is for you.

I am not one of those who insists on having earned millions on trading. I leak paid signals free of charge.

You have possibly noticed a private channel, where I share the signals and inside information on currency pairs, this information helps us to earn more. There are over 300 persons on the channel now. The number is not that great, but it increases every day.

And now lets start

There are no entrance fees and no paid courses (at least for now).

So if you want to start making money with me and my subscribers, follow the steps below

1) Register on the trading-site and log-in

2) Deposit 20$, we do not work with the tutorial account. The private channel was made to make real money, not points. Its better to choose your country's currency as the main currency – this way it will be easier to withdraw the money.

3) Untuk mendapatkan akses ke saluran pribadi kirimi saya layar cetak id Anda di akun pialang saham dan status saldo setelah itu saya akan mengirim tautan ke saluran, tempat saya menerbitkan sinyal perdagangan berbayar secara gratis

How does it work?

As soon as you get the signal you enter the trading platform, choose currency pair and follow my lead. The time of the trade should be exactly (or almost exactly) the same. The sum you want to risk depends on the deposit and your common sense.

The feedback with screenshots will be highly appreciated in any case. If the trade was successful – I will celebrate with you, otherwise I will help to correct the strategy.