People say that leadership is one of the main qualities of a person, and I can't disagree with them. Today, I am gonna tell you something about this amazing quality.

In the beginning, I want to highlight, that leader must have stress resistance. Why? Because he will have a lot of responsibilities, thus a lot of pressure.

Firstly, people won't criticize the team, they will criticize the leader, who was responsible for his team.

Secondly, people will wait result from the leader, not the team.

Thirdly, everybody thinks that fail of the team is the leaders fault. The most difficult part is accepting it without giving up.

Because of that, leader needs stress resistance.

I want to add, leader must have very good communication skills. It can help him in improving relationship with his teammates. If leader can't get along with his teammates he won't get high with this team.

In conclusion, I can say that I am really amazed of people who actually have this characteristics. Responsibility, communication skills, self confidence this is what features a leader, and I really appreciate such people.