Making an Informed Choice by Going for Cheap VPS Linux

Cheap VPS Linux Server Hosting

Cheap Linux VPS is one of the most exclusive hosting technologies sitting nicely between standard dedicated and shared web hosting services. VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is perfectly suitable for businesses in the lookout of hosting solutions that offer more functionality, flexibility, and server power in comparison to shared servers and that too without the expense incurred in going for dedicated servers. To be very specific, Cheap VPS server hosting offers the best of both these solutions. As a user, you avail more of almost everything but without an outrageous price tag.

More about Virtual Private Server Hosting

Cheap VPS allows the users to accommodate their websites into virtual compartments featured in one single physical server. Though this sounds a bit like shared server hosting, it is basically a completely different process. This is because the users have their very own dedicated resources like RAM and CPU, dedicated storage in VPS servers and operating system as well. It is also worth noting that virtual private server hosting costs just the fraction of a complete server. Therefore, it is a more than perfect solution for you if you require the advantages of a private server but like keeping the costs down.

Understanding the Three Server Hosting Options

For the ones who are still confused about going for the best VPS, here is a rundown of the three varied server hosting options to give you a clear understanding.

Shared Server Hosting

Shared server hosting is where a site is hosted on one single server but there are hundreds of sites being hosted on the same server. Since you are sharing the server resources with many clients, this kind of server hosting is the most affordable of the three. It is very similar to living in a home with housemates. This kind of hosting is best suited for small sites that do not need a lot of server resources and bandwidth. The majority of the providers manage server maintenance making it easier for individuals to use them the same even if they do not have any technical know-how. The only disadvantage of this kind of server hosting is the limited resources available to the users.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

Hosting your site on a virtual private server means you get the whole apartment to be used only by you. While your site is still being hosted on a physical server along with the other users, you have your very own server resources. You do not need to worry about the bad users hogging the server resources because you remain isolated. This automatically means the faster performance of your site resulting in conversions and sales. Apart from this, you even get improved security as all your information remains separated from the other users. This reduces the chances of hackers accessing your site. One of the best things about Cheap Linux VPS is it offers dedicated resources like a dedicated server but costs almost half of what you would have to pay for using a dedicated server. you get 1 core processor, 30 GB storage space, 1 GB RAM, 100 Mbps network connectivity speed and 1 TB data transfer bandwidth at Onlive Server, all within an affordable range.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This kind of hosting is where your site is hosted on one physical server that is completely yours. But the price you have to pay for this service is a bit exorbitant.
Some frequently asked questions in this regard are as follows:

Which is the most powerful server hosting service?

Dedicated server hosting is the most powerful one.

For whom is it recommended?

it is suggested for users running high profile sites witnessing huge traffic and the ones that require large bandwidth.

Is it worth making the switch to VPS?

Yes especially if you are on a budget.

Who should not make this big switch?

The ones running small sites or hobby sites.

When to make the big switch?