Deep work, FLOW from workshop with cave guys

1) Definition

- on what you would work

- what are you doing?

- how will you approach it?

- what is most important and when I do it? (what is my most productive time?)

- what does "finished" look like by the end of the deep work period? make smaller chunks of work and desired state by the end of each period

- define your space

- chair and table top work space

- let others to know when and where you work

2) Time

- block your time 25-55 min for deep work

- create rituals that would help you to come into working mood, as commute did it before, and end it

- plus rituals for going inside and outside out of cave (Thunder clap)

- block separate time just for answering email

- block and plan breaks and social time

for that you can use the diagram below, which shows what kind of activities you should do in order to relax in the best possible way (opposite of what you did)

3) Focus

- take energizing breaks

- remove distractions

- use white noise,, noisili, or just work insilence for tasks that requires language skills using

- or if that mandane, design work that doesn't use language skills listen to whatever you want, even with lyrics

- when you're finishing work before closing everything write what needs to be done, plan task, so it would be easier for you to jump into it tomorrow (our brain take 23-25 minutes to get back to task after distraction)