Do you know what is my Granny’s wonder oil? that’s castor oil

As a child, I remember my granny always saying about the wonder oil which is castor oil and it was the best home remedy for a host of problems, castor oil is the only king behind solving any type of hair and skin problem. She used castor oil in her organic hair care products and also with organic body care products.  Castor oil is one of the carrier oils which can be used ideally or mixing with pure essential oils that are most widely used for hair, skin, and health. There are plenty of benefits using this oil and the benefits of this castor oil are not limited due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and it is traditionally been used topically for skin and hair benefits.There are various reasons of using organic essential oils to solve different kinds of problems, and if we start using organic products it benefits us in various ways, due to the natural plant extracts that are used in the preparation of blend of castor oil and pure form of different essential oils. The pure essential oils are available in Owlpure.Here are some of the skincare benefits of castor oil, It helps in healing skin in a natural way from sunburn, acne and dry skin.Castor oil fights against signs of aging.This oil is capable to reduce acne.Castor oil can keep your skin moisturized all the time.When we use the purest form of castor oil it can help in fading blemishes.Castor oil can prevent stretch marks on regular application.This oil is capable of reducing pigmentation.
Coming to hair benefits of castor oil, this oil is capable of fighting any of the hair problems that you face in your daily, many of the people search solution for how to get rid of hair loss naturally? In this case, we suggest you follow some of the natural remedies to fight against your dandruff.How to get rid of hair loss naturally? Is the common question from every person who is suffering from dandruff, they might not be aware of using some of the pure essential oils to treat dandruff, this blog might help you to resolve any of your doubts, but gaining knowledge about organic products and essential oils can help you to treat dandruff. For hair growth, you can mix castor oil with extra virgin coconut oil and apply it on your scalp & massage it properly. Castor oil is capable to promote hair growth.This oil can fight all types of scalp infections.Castor oil can also prevent premature graying.This oil can condition your hair and can provide you shiny silky hair.Castor oil is also having some of the health benefits like treating ringworms, this carrier oil is a correct solution to treat the stubborn problem, castor oil is an excellent disinfectant and works great for cuts and scrapes. you can mix castor oil with tea tree essential oil to get rid of skin related problems. Due to its anti-microbial properties, this carrier oil can treat minor cuts and scratches and can give relief from pain. the couple who are suffering from infertility problem, they can mix castor oil with lavender essential oil and can be used as a massage oil.This carrier oil also acts as a laxative and can reduce joint pains and arthritis, castor oil can help in boosting immunity, and treats back pain, these are very few of the benefits from castor oil, there are many other miracles that will happen after the application of castor oil.