July 22, 2020

What we can learn from coffee shops?

Today, you can find numerous coffee shops, where you can order a cup of beverage and occupy the space as long as you are drinking it. These coffee shops do not sell the beverage. They sell the ambiance and the professional outlook, and, the coffee drinkers visit for the same ambiance. Instead of enjoying their hot beverage, most of them are working on their laptops. It is not the coffee stimulation that is making them work efficiently in coffee shops. What is driving them to work in a public, open area?

The architecture of modern coffee shops

So the million-dollar question is, instead of choosing professional real estate properties, why tech-savvy people are choosing coffee shops? Do not go into deep psychological answers. The prime reason behind this trend is the rent price of the office space. Most office space rent/lease price is sky-high. Most small startup companies and freelancers can’t afford this price.

In reality, it is not possible to build a startup in your garage. You won’t get a professional vibe there. Try to imagine a scenario where you are in a video call with a client with a background of your garage and a scenario where your video call has the modern coffee shop décor behind you. Guess which one would look professional, reliable, and reputed? The coffee shops also offer free wi-fi, comfortable chairs, air conditioning, and a calm ambiance. You don’t see such coffee shops with gushing walk-in traffic. Thus, there are no noise disturbances. It is one of the prime reasons why most freelancers go to coffee shops to do their work.

Diversity in the coffee shop

Now in a coffee shop, you will find cliché diversity. Besides the people who love coffee, you will also find a tech-savvy programmer, graphic designer, marketing professional, etc. This diversity gives a collective feel to numerous freelancers. However, it cannot be a permanent solution for working space.

The fusion of coffee shop with office

With all these benefits, you won’t find any basic amenities of an office in a coffee shop. You won’t find a scanner or printer in the coffee shop. Even though the wi-fi is free at the coffee shop, these public wi-fi systems are not right for secure data transfer. If you want a reliable office space, your privacy is essential. Privacy starts with an encrypted network for data transfer.

The actual solution to this problem can come from the coworking space. At these co-working spaces, you get all the facilities of an office but at a budget price. Unlike a coffee shop, you will defiantly find a scanner/printer and all other office amenities.

Unlike most coffee shops, at these co-working spaces, you will find a faster and secure wi-fi system. Here you will get a good vibe of the coffee shop with a professional atmosphere. Another problem with the coffee shop is scalability; you cannot accommodate more people in a coffee shop if you need to hire more people for work. But at a co-working space, you can always grow.