Gangs of New York on Closed Circuit Televisio

Infamous and deadly

The city's night lights are vibrant, and the bars are crowded with young college men and women or office workers away from the day's work. How many of them will see the light of day the following day, and how many will disappear from the face of the earth. No one can afford to be too safe anywhere, especially in big cities. Young street criminals are everywhere ready to rob, kill or maim, and their heinous acts are played out again on closed circuit somewhere.

If you're a true blue New Yorker or a visitor to any of New York City's neighborhoods, be extra careful not to get caught up in drug wars or catch sight of criminal elements persecuting male college students and young women. Even if circuits are closed at hot spots, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Closed-circuit television systems in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn have captured on tape some members of the following infamous gangs represented by members of multiethnic backgrounds:

* Latin Kings and Buffalo's West Side
* African Americans from the blood
* Sharp
* Folk nation
* Cobra Stones
* Latin Dragons
* Spanish Lords
* Gaylords
* Insane popes
* Pliers
* Flying kites
* Ghost Shadows

Closed-circuit television shows young criminals brutalizing the elderly, forcing victims into their cars, withdrawing cash using stolen ATMs, robbing mom and pop shops and vandalizing public กล้องวงจรปิด.

Criminals on hold

These gangs offer primarily rival gangs, but do not hesitate to hurt innocent people if they believe they are not being respected. New recruits are the most violent in their eagerness to prove they can commit heinous crimes.

They murder, steal, sell drugs, rob and abuse their victims. Some of them have been identified in lineups due to evidence of closed-circuit television playback. Without these surveillance cameras, the identities of the attackers would never be known.

These crimes are necessary to prove that the recruitment is not a member of the local police force. Membership of any of these gangs increases self-esteem and is often as an honor and a mark of courage. Muggings may occur where there are hidden closed-loop TV networks.


The No. 1 rule to be sure is to never go out alone at night or have too much to drink. As an extra safety precaution, keep these tips in mind as you learn around NYC:

* Go out and go home in groups after a good time at bars or clubs.
* Avoid going to the poorer parts of the various areas.
* If that can not help, rent a car to your destination because taxis do not like to venture into these places. Avoid deserted streets while waiting for a ride.
* Do not bring all your money or travel documents when shopping.

Finally, always make sure that a closed circuit is at work where you are going. You came to New York to have fun, so be careful.