Defensive Backs Football Training - Stripping the football

Today we see more defensive backs removing football from receivers. It has become a football skill in itself that requires corners, linebackers and safety training and practice training to hone their ball-stripping football skills.

Several coaches teach the art of stripping football, running practice exercises with the defensive players and teaching them how stripping football happens. A stripped football is a down used without gain. When the defenders are successful in removing the football from the receiver, the ball comes out. To give the defensive unit an opportunity for a possible take-away.

More often than not the D-backer is unable to hit the ball down, giving them two options; do the tackle or strip the football.

Training D-Back for stripping football requires two basic sets of football skills. Mental and physical training are the essential football skills needed to succeed in stripping football.

Football skills to strip the football:

Football skills to strip football begin with the right mindset and attitude. The defender must address the receiver with his mindset that he will remove the football from the receiver's hands. To be successful in removing the football from the receiver, the back must first understand the basics of catching the ทีเด็ดบอล.

Learning the pass-catching mechanics is crucial and can be achieved by studying DVDs and videos dedicated to teaching pass-catching football skills.

The defensive player learns the basic positions that a receiver can hold in his hands before taking the catch. If the ball is in front of the receiver, his hands are above or below the shoulder pads, if behind the receiver, his hands are above or below the shoulder pad, the receivers are back to the defender. These are important football skills that defensive rumors need to develop.

Then the D-Backs training should show them which arm to attack. If the ball is thrown over the receiver's left shoulder, the left arm is the point of attack, just as if the ball comes over the receiver's right shoulder, you must attack the right arm. In both cases, if the ball is caught when it goes over the left shoulder, the defensive back uses its left arm to attack, and if the ball is over the right shoulder, he attacks using his right arm.

Exercises to strip the football:

The first ball stripping exercise should begin with the receiver and defender being stationary. In some parlances, this exercise in defensive exercise is called a range and move.

The "Reach-and-pull" technique is where the receiver stands back to the defensive back and holds the ball on both sides, the defensive back reaches out (left arm to left arm, right arm to right arm) and pulls the arm that holds the ball down and removes the football from the receiver.