West Hams Sam Allardyce - Press Conference

Without sounding too arrogant, I think that in my experience and expertise as a manager, especially in the Premier League over the last ten years, I try to bring the club together to have a team spirit and a togetherness that will achieve the ultimate, which is to get promotion back in the Premier League by asking for the first time "

This is the first thing I heard Sam Allardyce say in the "excerpt" of his press conference I was shown. This to me is a man that we should all stand behind. This is a man who knows how to make any team work as shown on one of my previous blogs, Sam Allardyce is a man who deserves respect from his players and in his eyes if you do not want to play for the club, three door, which I agree, if a player is dissatisfied, he will not play to the best of his ability. He will simply give up in the hope that the club will sell him, which will eventually lose the club money as they will have to sell on the back of a "bad form of form" or as I like to call it, "can not be bothered".

Sam talks about how he wants to "instill a little bit of discipline, a little bit of magic, a little bit of creativity and a bond among team players and staff". These are four things that West Ham have not seen in a while. Discipline in the club recently has been completely lost! With players who are able to run the show and do what they feel like doing with small consequences. Magic ... Just the words make me think of Paolo Di Canio's days. He was magical and also creative. I hope Sam can get a few players with the same vision, determination and passion that the great Paolo had, this will strengthen the team as a whole. The bond between players and staff is one of the most important things that I feel is required at any football club. It seems that West Ham staff and players recently would much rather "meet at the rubbish bins in the local park" to look up before they sit down and talk about things. If the coaches do not want to train certain players, they do not train as well as they can or should be. And the players do not appear in training, which ultimately appears on match days. If Sam Allardyce manages to solve the problem at the club, he deserves a massive pat on the เหยี่ยวข่าวพรีเมียร์.

Sam also mentions that he will talk to the players on an individual basis and as a group and "set some goals". Goal, something West Ham could do more with ay, Sam seems to have a plan in his head on what he wants to do with this club and if there is a man who can get people to sit down and listen and pay attention to him, this is Big Sam. Hopefully he shows the players that he means business and he expects them to work for their money. Some players at West Ham seem to think they can be in the first team, week in, week out, perform to a pitiful standard, collect their money and do it all over again the following week. I hope big Sam will be the man to put an end to this, I'm asking him to incorporate Sir Alex Ferguson's hair dryer as I'm sure I would listen if Sam screamed in my face and I would defiantly remark, what he said.

When asked if he should sell any players at Sam, did not want to turn around and mention three players that the media is speculating about are Robert Green, Carlton Cole and Scott Parker. He said West Ham have not received any "concrete bids" for these players. Whether that means they have received offers far too low to actually buy the players, were queries or that they have had nothing at all, not answered, one thing that I was sure after answering that question is that Sam does not avoid answering media questions and he is willing to say his opinion and be honest about it.

Big Sam seemed confused when asked if Thomas Hitzlsperger was allowed to leave when he said he was already gone. West Ham have not officially released anything, so it looks like Thomas has taken the sweeps out after saying he feels he owes the club a season. I do not feel any great loss by losing Hitz as I did not really judge him as a player, yes he had a great vision and could put a move on your foot from 50 yards away but he also enjoyed smashing the ball as hard as he could, regardless of the players around him and where he was placed on the field.