June 15, 2021

My perfect career pathway

According to the MBTI test, my personality type is the Protagonist. This type's main characteristics are driving by a goal or duty, reliability, charisma and generosity. People with the Protagonist personality type are drawn to supporting others. Moreover, the best jobs that are recommended for me are graphic designer, educator, teacher, manager, human resource specialist, athletic trainer, etc. These jobs really fit this type because they are based on helping people. Protagonists must avoid jobs or companies with a chaotic environment and ambiguous demands, lack of harmony, slow and unchanging pace, monotonous work, lack of learning opportunities. To talk more specific, ENFJS must avoid these careers: labourer, chemist, mechanic, programmer, engineer, waiter, security guard. ENFJs are often attracted to interpersonal or leadership roles. Sometimes they gravitate towards jobs with a humanitarian focus or jobs that generally positively impact the world. For these reasons, working as a programmer or mechanic is likely to be unfulfilling. Protagonists can excel in a wide range of positions, at any level of seniority.

Furthermore, they are simply likeable individuals, and this trait propels them to success anywhere they have the opportunity to collaborate with others. The most influential role that can take the Protagonist is a manager. As managers, Protagonists combine their skill in recognizing individual motivations with their natural charisma to push their teams and projects forward and make their teams want to move forward.

According to Self-Directed Search® results, my summary code is EAI. It means that I am a:

  1. Persuader (E) – I am driven to lead, motivate, and direct other people.
  2. Creator (A) – my goal is to use my creative talents and express myself through my work.
  3. Thinker (I) – I enjoy working with ideas and theories.

The best jobs and spheres that are recommended for me are design, journalism, electronic media, surveyor, political science, patent agent, marketing, sales, business and art.

To sum up, I can say that I need to work to chase exciting goals, promote new ideas, carry out initiatives and use my charisma, as a Persuader. Follow my inspiration to create something origin and express ideas as a Creator. Solve complex problems through rational and logical analysis as a Thinker.

I firmly believe that my career path lies through work where I can express myself, promote new ideas, create something new, support others, achieve my goals and show leadership skills. After doing various tests, I realized that the best job for me is a graphic designer. The particular reason for this circumstance is that I can combine all my skills and charisma in one appointment.