May 14, 2019

Sunnyside Janitorial Service in Edmonton

Being a small business CEO has its perks but comes with its ups and downs. The pride of ownership and seeing your dream business grow is what keeps you focused. However, being a small business often means that the extra task of cleaning falls on your shoulders. After a long day of meeting customer needs, assisting staff, and managing administrative duties, the job of cleaning the office space still needs to be done. And although you have tried hiring someone for the cleaning, the work done was always below average and unreliable.

Wearing so many hats is tiring and eventually leads to burn out for many business owners. You've worked too hard to let this be your story. Let us help you. Sunnyside Janitorial has trained, professional cleaners at a competitive rate, ready to create a clean environment for you to do conduct your business. We strive on building a strong bond with our customer across businesses and industries by providing thorough and reliable cleaning service at high quality standards.

·        Sunnyside Janitorial Service in Edmonton

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We start with creating an accountability checklist, based on your needs and wants, guaranteeing you, your complete satisfaction. You can trust our professional staff to be meticulous and detailed in their cleaning, reaching areas you never had time or energy for.

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Experience the relief of knowing that the job of maintaining your stores cleanliness is covered, regularly and dependably. And with your new-found time, you can focus your energies back into what you are best at: building your business. Walking into a freshly cleaned workplace every day is priceless. You'll only wish you had called us sooner.

Residential Cleaning Service:

Owning and maintaining rental properties including condos, apartments is time-consuming and stressful. Maintenance and repairs, issues with tenants and a never-ending stream of bills can leave you exhausted – physically, emotionally and financially.

For many landlords, their rental business is a one-man show and keeping up with everything can mean putting in long hours to keep it on the road. If this sounds like you, a commercial janitorial service can help reduce the time and effort you are investing in your properties with timely and flexible cleaning service options that cater to your requirements.