Why You Need To Go Back To Using A Voice Phone

A voice phone or a dumb phone are terms that are used interchangeably to describe those types of phones that have functions limited to those phones that go way back. Some millennials might not be familiar with these types of phones anymore but grown-ups have lived along with these types of devices that are created by companies such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Alcatel.


In this generation where connections are powered by 4G or 5G, GPS is used to navigate a certain area, social media networks are considered as social norms, voice phones are becoming slowly popular in which the only function it has is to make and receive calls and text messages.

Looking back and trying to compare those classic phones with the current smartphones with multiple cameras and ultra-fast connections, the latter is not always victorious. Therefore, without going into more detail, we are left with three main reasons why we should go back to using voice phones or dumb phones again.

Battery Life

What is one of the biggest concerns of smartphone manufacturers? It’s usually the battery life. With the number of functions and features that a smartphone can offer, the amount of time that it can be used nonstop is very important.

While it’s true that a voice phone doesn’t give a user too many options, its battery lasts a very long time just like the famous Nokia 3310. If you tell this to any millennial or anyone who is part of the generation Z, they would find it hard to believe you.


What about the materials in which voice phones are manufactured?

Smartphones usually need a screen protector because, despite the durability of the materials used in these devices, it can still break when you drop it or when something scratches it. In contrast, voice phones are much more resistant due to the fact that they don’t have any sensitive components in them.


The third reason why you need to go back to using a voice phone is the price. When they first appeared, voice phones were a lot cheaper because they were practically given out by telephone companies as freebies when someone got a new line with them.

Voice phones are slowly becoming on the rise. The greatest example of this is the number of companies that are choosing to manufacture this type of device.


We could still give you a fourth reason why you should get a voice phone or a dumb phone: planned obsolescence. We’re sure that you know someone who still uses a voice phone or a dumb phone and has never used a smartphone ever since. One thing is for sure when it comes to people like these, they chose to continue living a life without the unnecessary stress or drama that comes from using smartphones.