The Process of Transcribing

Below are the procedural steps that every transcription agency including the Chinese transcription services must have to follow. This is regardless of whatever transcription services it is. Whether it is a Chinese transcription online or Chinese to English transcription the following procedures may be of great help to have a quality transcription output

steps for transcribing

Type all the text

In the transcription process which also includes the Chinese transcription services, the primary objective is to write text that reflects the source document. It is essential to write everything down like words and paragraphs as it is. Moreover, the original spelling of the words should be maintained correctly.

This should be done at all times even if the spelling is incorrect. The best thing to do in situations like this is to enclose inside the double brackets the correct spelling next to the misspelled words. However, it is exempted if a word is hyphenated due to the reason that it cross over two lines. As a rule in transcription process, such as the Chinese transcription services, just simple type it as one word.

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