Is the waterproof iPhone closer than we think?

It’s been a while since the first waterproof smartphone was unveiled and right now, we’re not that surprise when a reputed manufacturer announces that their flagship comes with an IP67 certification. Still, one of the biggest brands hasn’t used this feature until now. That’s right, there’s no waterproof iPhone until now, but it seems that this is about to change pretty soon.

Waterproof iPhone 7?

According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino-based company has filled a patent which revealed that they’re currently searching for “methods for shielding electronic components for moisture” or, a bit simpler, making the first waterproof iPhone.

Unlike other smartphones, which are loaded with flaps, covering all the ports, Apple’s method will involve a whole different way of making their phones waterproof. To be more specific, they won’t seal the whole device, as this new method implies coating the iPhone’s internal components with a hydrophobic layer, using plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition. By this, each component will have a layer protecting it against short circuits that may occur when they are exposed to liquids.

Thicker design? Not at all

We’re very curious to see how a waterproof iPhone will look, as this feature might affects its design for ios live wallpapers. Well, Apple thought at this and the best part is that an eventual waterproof iPhone won’t be very different than a regular ones, as its overall thickness won’t be affected. According to the same source, the layer covering the internal will have between one and ten microns thick. As for the connectors, they will be protected by silicon seals.

If this feature will indeed materialize, we hope that the upcoming iPhone won’t be even more expensive, as they will most likely look for a way to make the investment in research worth.