November 2, 2020


Managing Social Media accounts can be a time consuming and daunting task if you’re just starting out, whether it’s for your own business or a client’s. There are three main components to managing a Social Media account: Growth, Engagement, and Content. In this article, we’ll explain how you can create an easier workflow for the Content aspect of Social Media. You can check out one of our past articles for tips on Twitter growth, here.

Discovery is the first and most important task to properly managing the Content aspect of a Twitter or Facebook page. Without any third-party content, chances are that your company’s page will be flooded with self-promotion that doesn’t interest your audience. The general rule for content is that a Facebook or Twitter page should be 25% first-party content or promotion, and 75% third-party/external content.

Finding content that takes up 75% of your business’ account can be extremely time consuming, as you scan dozen of blogs and news sites daily. Thanks to RSS Feed Readers like Google Reader, Feed Demon, and RSS Owl, content discovery can be simplified. These are free tools that let you gather, organize, and update RSS feeds from your favorite news sites and blogs – otherwise known as an “Aggregator”. No longer do you need to open a dozen-plus tabs or windows to search for the content your page needs – with an RSS Reader you can aggregate these sites into a single feed – or even organize them by category. Even better are the options some of these readers offer – such as labeling items, device synchronization, notifications, sharing options, and more. We recommend RSSOwl, because it allows integration with Google Chrome and Buffer which will be explained in just a moment. You can get RSSOwl for free, here.

Now you’ve got the content – but how do you curate it without having to manually post each article? Thanks to the advancement of Social Media within the last couple of years, there are a wide variety of post scheduling and management suites available to make life easier. Tools such as Hootsuite, FutureTweets, and Facebook’s built-in functionality are free to use, and allow scheduling of Twitter or Facebook posts in advance – so that you can focus on other aspects of your business such as Growth and Engagement. While these tools are great, our favorite one is called Buffer, which focuses only on scheduling social media posts. Unfortunately it’s not free, but for only $10 a month Buffer lets you manage up to 12 social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and – also including a great link tracking & analytics tool that allows you see how posts are doing at-a-glance and how much traction they are getting. Tools such as Hootsuite are a more robust alternative as they integrate engagement features, but the over-simplification and focus of Buffer’s scheduling services make it a much better primary tool for curating content.

Now that you know how to make content discovery and curation a much easier task, what other aspects of your business/client will you be focusing on? Also, are you already using some of these tools, and are there any that we’re missing? Let us know in the comments!

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