“Dialyzer”: Covid 19 Impact, Types and Therapy

“Dialyzer”: Covid 19 Impact, Types and Therapy



A dialyzer is a medical tool which is used to remove the excess wastes and toxic fluid from the blood when the kidneys no longer perform the tasks. This tool is reusable but after certain extent, it will no longer works efficiently. The doctor sets the number of use of the dialyzer depend upon patient's treatment program.

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The dialyzers market is anticipated to grow with a significant rate in the coming years, owing to factors such as, rising incidence of kidney failure, growing geriatric population and favorable reimbursement policies. However, increase in health care expenditure worldwide is anticipated to offer more growth opportunities for the players operating in the dialyzers market.

What happens during hemodialysis?

During hemodialysis, your blood goes through a filter, called a dialyzer, outside your body. A dialyzer is sometimes called an “artificial kidney.”

At the start of a hemodialysis treatment, a dialysis nurse or technician places two needles into your arm. You may prefer to put in your own needles after you’re trained by your health care team. A numbing cream or spray can be used if placing the needles bothers you. Each needle is attached to a soft tube connected to the dialysis machine.

The dialysis machine pumps blood through the filter and returns the blood to your body. During the process, the dialysis machine checks your blood pressure and controls how quickly

·       blood flows through the filter

·       fluid is removed from your body 

Can the dialyzer do everything my kidneys once did?

No. Hemodialysis can replace part, but not all, of your kidney function. Dialysis will help improve your energy level, and changes you make to your diet can help you feel better. Limiting how much water and other liquid you drink and take in through foods can help keep too much fluid from building up in your body between treatments. Medicines also help you maintain your health while on dialysis.

The key players operating in the Dialyzer industry include,:

1. B. Braun Melsungen AG

2. Baxter


4. Asahi Kasei Corporation

5. Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA

6. Nikkiso Co., Ltd.


8. Browndove Healthcare (P) Ltd.

9. Medline Industries, Inc.

10. Geno Technology Inc.

More dialysis filters your blood more thoroughly:

Compared with a standard hemodialysis schedule, daily or nightly home hemodialysis will let you

·       eat and drink more normally

·       take fewer blood pressure medicines

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