Overview of “Bioinformatics”

What is Bioinformatics?

Genomics and genome-wide data analysis are the current areas of tremendous research across the Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors throughout the world. Researchers are looking to form beneficial industry contacts in order to improve their resolution timelines for core genomic projects, and ArrayGen's range of Bioinformatics services can be a most ideal solution for you.

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As an interdisciplinary field, bioinformatics combines computer science, statistics and life sciences together, to develop algorithms and professional software tools for mining and interpreting the tremendous biological data, generated in recent booming high throughput -omics studies.

Why Learn bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics has become an interdisciplinary science and if you are a biologist, you will find that having knowledge in bioinformatics can benefit you immensely with your experiments and research.

Some Bioinformatics Services:

Expression Analysis

·       Microarray

·       High-throughput sequencing (RNA-seq)

·       Single-cell RNA expression

miRNA analysis

·       Microarray

·       High-throughput sequencing

Large shRNA screen analysis

·       shRNA abandunce ration

·       shRNA depletion plots


·       ChIP-chip Analysis

·       ChIP-seq Analysis

·       Methylation Analysis

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