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HIV / AIDS remains the global epidemic that affects more than 35 million people. It is not curable and can therefore be effectively prevented with anti-HIV medication.

Inexpensive generics have helped millions of low-income people fight the virus. Instgra is a highly effective medicine that is used with other anti-HIV medicines to fight HIV replication in the body. It is a medicine from the Indian manufacturer Emcure Pharmaceuticals.

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Instgra 50 mg Uses

HIV causes many health problems. A thorough health assessment must be carried out before using this medicine. As soon as the virus enters the body, it weakens the immune system and causes other opportunistic infections or diseases. This is where Instgra comes in.

Dolutegravir does not heal or remove the already infected cells, but continued use of this medication as part of HIV therapy can suppress the virus, leading to an improved quality of life. Immune function is restored and can effectively fight external opportunistic infections.

Brand Name: Instgra Tablets
Contents: Dolutegravir
Manufactured by: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Strength: 50mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets
Price: Rs 2,950.00

What does Instgra contain?

Instgra 50 mg tablets contain the active substance antiretroviral dolutegravir, an antiretroviral agent used to treat HIV infection.

When should Instgra not be used?

You should not use Instgra 50 mg tablets if you:

  • are allergic to Dolutegravir or other ingredients in Instgra
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • take medicines that interact with Instgra

Best Way to Take Instgra 50 mg

Take Instgra 50 mg tablet with or without food. Make sure you follow the dosing schedule and never miss a dose. The pills should not be broken, chewed, or crushed when ingested.

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