Crack the Twitter algorithm to enhance your tweet reach

Accept it, your Twitter life is a whole filled with mess sometimes. Have you ever got surprised and scratched your head at the time of composing the tweet thinking that it will work or not? Have you ever thought about why other people's content attracts many eyeballs compared to yours? I have experienced it and therefore I went to a questionnaire to find answers to these.

If you are the one who regularly tweets, then there is a good chance you like to avoid some of the statistics that are around you regarding the engagement.

Know what the problem is? 

On Twitter, on average, about 6000 tweets are tweeted every second and without an algorithm. Yet the best among them got deep down under the noise. Twitter has shifted to an algorithm-based feed to increase the user-experience. It is a type of new way which enables us to see our current timeline. The average brand engagement rate is only 0.049%. This rate is as compared to the click-through rate of a banner ad. Still above half of the marketers consider Twitter as one of the best platforms for social engagement.  A big question is that with the low rates why do most of the brands use Twitter? The main answer can be it has its own value in many ways. Before you go on further, understanding how we can increase the twitter reach, first let’s go through how the Twitter algorithm works.

Working on the Twitter algorithm 

Everything was in reverse chronological order when twitter came into the picture. The first thing is-twitter is ever-evolving and your Twitter timeline is a complete mixture of real-time and algorithm content that is not 100% algorithmic. Things have changed now. In the current era, Twitter has changed its working, now it has converted into an algorithm form that gives priority to the engagement in the form of retweets, conversion, and overall follower count. 

In case you missed it:

The feature of In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) is a totally new addition to the Twitter algorithm. This feature enables you to see the post tweets coming from the account from which you are frequently connected when you just first start your app. It is not essential that it will always show up. It is on highly related tweets. Twitter finds it when you last went through your app. 

How you can increase your organic reach on Twitter Twitter?

Now the working of the Twitter algorithm is clear to you, here is the list of more you can do to get more tweets? 

Keep on tweeting in a constant manner 

In early 2019, I will go through the test of my posting habits on Twitter to just analyze how much I posted and how much engagement I got in return! Thus the results have shown that posting consistently is a good habit for any brand to start. By now many of the brands realize the value in scheduling content, far from the time to give permission to have the presence 24/7 on Twitter, instead of just restricted to business hours.

Engage beyond you broadcast   

Tweeting the links to your website might lead you to generate more traffic, but it will not work to earn you a heavy engagement. You can retain the existing customers or should build your Twitter presence. There are various brands having a lot of engagement and with a strong community on Twitter have a habit to spend a lot of time replying to the many incoming tweets and popping conversations. This trick conveys that Twitter is a lead generation tool, and is a good way to connect and engage with your audience. 

Utilize the videos by Twitter 

Talking about videos, organically passing on the native Twitter videos can create a good boost to your engagement. As per the Twitter playbook, videos can be six times retweeted than the photos and GIFs can be three times. Even when you are not having a big budget, it works well for you in bringing a ton of engagement. 

Reshare the top-rated tweets 

It is clear that Twitter moves very fast. So if any tweet gets a good attraction and has earned a relatively good engagement, then it is possible that many of your followers have not noticed it or not seen it. Thus sharing it the second time will offer you the chance to reach the follower who has missed it before. 

Leverage influencers

For smaller brands, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to identify the audience that wants to hear about them. The point of empowering everyone in an organization to be active and really feel a part of your brand not only improves morale, yet it improves your Twitter marketing efforts. The tweets that your company handles are a bit less effective as compared to the content coming from your very influencers. It is considered cost-effective and a boost conversion besides your brand consists of little effort from your side. You can also read Facebook Advertising Strategies in 2020.


Knowing the twitter algorithm is the same as anything else in life. The more you use it, the more you will get, and the better it will work for you in a specific manner. The above-mentioned hacks will help you to get faster over the issues. The competition is a step one and the algorithm of Twitter is ever-changing. If you are on the stage to engage more and more with the growth, then it is necessary to not only learn the algorithm and work with it, you should have a sharp, working tactic that will help you to stay above in the game of Twitter.