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Adopting Effective Writing Techniques

So much of what anyone does involves writing in academics and even in the creative side of things. Whether it is students, professors, teachers, script writers, content creators, marketers, or researchers, writing effectively will be an integral part of the day to day. In these writings, the quality of writing according to the needs of the area are the basis of assessment and it is important to learn and equip yourself with the best and effective writing practices.

Content Credibility is lost with Plagiarism

There are many types of writing and people that take part in those types. There is student writing, academic writing, writing scripts, SEO content writing, essay writing, copy writing, creative writing, and a bunch more. All of them have their unique traits and elements that set them apart from the others. There is one thing that is common among them all. That is the importance of content credibility which is then associated with its quality.

Adjusting to Changing Educational Landscapes: Students and Teachers

Much has changed in the past couple of years. From the way people socialize to how they shop. Virtual communications to such extensive levels and buying all kinds of groceries online would have been things for science fiction some decades ago. Now it is the everyday normal. In these changing landscapes, education has been in the foreground with the introduction of 'study at home'.

How to Help Improve Student Writing

Writing, especially good writing, is the bread and butter of every student. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school, college, university or a PhD student. Academic writing will be present at every step and corner. Most importantly, good writing is essential for a student to secure the marks they want and the post degree field they wish to work in.

Online Rights to Privacy and Data Protection

Knowing your rights is an important thing regardless of what they apply to. There are rights we have in the physical world like the right to free speech, association, affiliation, movement and many others. However, things over time moved to the online realm in the form of data, where items like books previously thought to be just something for book racks now exist in online libraries and cloud storage platforms. That means that our rights also transcend physical boundaries and apply to whatever is online.

Plagiarism Checking Tools in High School Classrooms

Let’s start with a quick brief on what plagiarism is. A very simple understanding would be that it is the theft of someone else’s work that is then portrayed as your original creation. So, to take part in such a thing may cause you to get failing marks on your assignments, rejection of your work proposals or even the invalidation of your professional and academic qualification. These are some of the consequences among many others

Five Major Types of Plagiarism

In your academic and professional life you would have heard of or experienced plagiarism. Maybe someone stole your argument from a research paper, took credit for a mission statement you drafted or maybe your essay got flagged for plagiarized content by your professor. Everyone has had a run in with plagiarism sometime in their life and for others it is too frequent of an occurrence. Interestingly, plagiarism comes in many shapes and sizes so everyone's experience and idea about it varies. Each type of plagiarism has its own distinguishing characteristics and a nuance that is useful to understand. The more we know about the types of plagiarism, the easier it is to avoid them.

Plagiarism is Trending

Over time, as the use of the internet has gone up exponentially, more and more content has shifted to the digital dimension where it is readily and instantly accessible. From algebraic concepts to Shakespearean sonnets, anything and everything can be read and downloaded within seconds. Instead of having to go to libraries throughout the city, you can find material for your research and reference from your phone.

Six Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Let’s be clear on what plagiarism is. It is the unethical use and theft of someone else’s work which is then claimed as being your own. Building on that, there are countless reasons why you must avoid plagiarism such as the negative consequences that it entails or that it is an extremely dishonest and fraudulent act.