Lower Face and Submental liposuction

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The young, slim face has a triangular shape - narrow at the chin and wider at the cheeks. But as we age and gain weight, we develop unfavorable patterns of fat deposition due to which this triangular shape becomes more of a square. The jawline in human beings becomes thicker and less distinct, a double-chin develops. Traditional methods for addressing facial agingAlthough face lift surgery and neck lift surgery is considered as the best procedures for addressing facial aging. But there are younger patients who search for quicker recovery with fewer incisions. For this category of population, submental liposuction is the best way.Submental liposuctionSubmental liposuction surgery is one of the minimally invasive body contouring procedures for the lower face. With the help of a tiny 0.5 cm incisions placed in inconspicuous locations, plastic surgeons are able to define the lower face.Patient selection and technical considerationsLiposuction surgeons in Oak Brook have to first analyze the patient. The best candidates for this body contouring procedure are those who have a "double-chin," or square-shaped, bottom-heavy face. Those who have such facial structure can go to the facial plastic surgery clinics and opt for facial liposuction surgery. MarkingOnce a patient analyzed to be a good candidate for the facial liposuction surgery in Chicago, problematic and bothersome pockets of fat on the face are identified and marked by liposuction plastic surgeons. After that, they mark the planned incision sites and finally mark the angle of the mandible and the presumed course. AnesthesiaSubmental liposuction surgery in Hoffman Estates can be done with tumescent local anesthesia or with IV sedation. For patients who are combining the submental liposuction with some other procedure are recommend IV sedation or twilight anesthesia.Surgical techniqueAfter sterilely prepping the patient, liposuction plastic surgeons in Chicago infiltrate about 50-100cc of tumescent solution (1% lidocaine, 1 ampule of epi, 1 liter of lactated ringers) into the subcutaneous tissue of the neck. Tumescent solution is allowed to sit for 5-7 minutesAfter this, surgeons incise the marked liposuction access sites and dissect them. At this point, judicious liposuction is performed according to previously noted markings.When performing liposuction surgery of the neck area, fine-tipped cannulae are used which are in a sufficiently deep plane so as not to create contour abnormalities.Pitfalls and ComplicationsThe most common complication that a patient may have to go through after submental liposuction surgery is contour abnormality, including notching, and irregular appearance of the skin. This can be totally avoided by carefully performing liposuction as per principles of ideal liposuction techniques.Another complication is injury surrounding of the neck particularly the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve. If you are looking for facial plastic surgery clinics, then CI plastic surgery can be the best option for you. It has experienced plastic surgeons who are mayo trained plastic surgeons and double board-certified plastic surgeons. Kindly contact us to get aby type of body contouring surgeries within affordable price. VISIT US:Visit us: https://ciplasticsurgery.comCall us:(224) 238-3816