Why You Choose A Twin XL Platform Bed Frame

The type of bed frame contributes a lot to the kind of sleep you will have. A low-quality bed frame breaks anytime or torments you with squeaky sounds during sleep. Over time there has been an increased number of bed types in the market; therefore, choosing a bed frame to take home is not an easy affair. In this article, we will look at why a Twin XL Bed Frame is suitable for your bedroom. The term twin XL is derived from the size where the mattress lies. While most bed frames are made wood or metal, you can find fabric or leather made twin XL bed frames kin the market.

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How Big Is A Twin XL Platform Bed Frame?

A twin XL bed frame is a big bed among the children and college students. This type of mattress is an excellent floor saving option for slightly taller teenagers. Twin XL is of the same width twin beds only that they have slightly over 2.5 inches extra height added to support tall sleepers. One beauty about the add is that it does not eat any of your space. The daggling addition has been made to support the sleeper’s feet.


The only difference between a twin XL and a twin bed is the length. Both their widths stand at 38 or 39 inches. The size of a Twin XL varies in style and if the bed frame has a headboard or footboard. If the bed doesn’t have a headboard or the footboards, the size of the bed will be the same. The width size also depends on the design. The more decorated the bedframe, the larger the size. Therefore, before purchasing a bed frame, check its dimensions s ensure it matches the size of your bedroom.

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Benefits of A Twin XL Bed Frame

As mentioned before, a Twin XL Bed Frame is an excellent choice for your kid’s first adult bed. The bed is also perfect for a guest room. It combines both the benefits of a queen-size bed and a twin-size bed. While it saves space, it allows for long leg sleepers to stretch without their legs dangling. This type of mattress is not convenient for anyone looking to buy a bed, purchase it if you want to achieve the following.

1.    Highly Economical

A twin bed XL is one of the cheapest choices of bed in the market. Therefore, if you are working under a tight budget, this type of mattress is an excellent choice for you. With as low as $50, you can get a good a Twin XL Bed Frame. If you care less about the aesthetics of the bed, and would rather spend the money on other things, this is the bed for you. Furthermore, you can still purchase a more quality and sophisticated bed in the future when you are financially capable.

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2.    Suitable for Small Bedroom

Thirty-nine inches width is not much compared to other bigger sophisticated beds. Therefore, if your bedroom is small, a Twin XL Bed Frame is an excellent choice for you. Also, if you want to save space in your bedroom for other uses, this type of bed is an excellent choice for you. Perhaps you need a study space or something of the sort in your room. Also, children need a playing room in their bedroom. The perfect way of creating one is by purchasing a Twin XL Bed Frame for their bedroom. In many homes, the guest room is the smallest. The ideal bed for such a place is a Twin XL Bed Frame.

3.    A Bed for Your Children

To avoid purchasing beds at every stage of your child’s growth, a Twin XL Bed Frame is the right choice. As your child grows in height, the additional height is meant to support the legs. Also, the bed can comfortably accommodate two children. Therefore, instead of spending vast sums of money to purchase more than one bed, one Twin XL Bed Frame can provide more than one kid. They can use the bed frame from childhood throughout college.

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4.    Room Size for A Twin XL Bed Frame

This type of bed is highly versatile. They take up small space in a room and therefore can fit in many places. A room more significant than 8 feet by 11 feet can comfortably accommodate a Twin XL Bed Frame. However, if you want two Twin XL Bed Frame in your bedroom, you need 13 feet by 13 feet room. Anyhow, ensure that you have at least 3 feet walking space around the bed.

Many people find it hard to differentiate the Twin XL Bed Frame and a twin bed and end up taking one bed instead of another. Therefore, take the king of the height. The Twin XL Bed Frame is five inches longer than the twin bed. If you are not careful, you will not realize your mistake until you are actually in bed.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Twin XL Bed Frame


·         It has an extra height to cater for tall people

·         Can accommodate more one child

·         Compared to other bed frames, it is relatively cheap

·         Saves space for storage or play


·         Do not last too long since they are made from weak material

·         Not appealing


By now, you should have known that a Twin XL Bed Frame is a taller version of a twin bed. The bed frame is a perfect fit for a Twin XL mattress. If you and your partner do not agree on the firmness of the mattress, you can choose to go with two twin XL mattresses. The arrangement of such cushions is known as the split king. Ensure that you select the most appropriate bed frame that easily fits both your bedroom and the mattress. To do this, you must know the measurement if your bedroom. Through that, you will have an idea of the measurement of the bed frame that fits your bedroom. Once you know the available space for a Twin XL Bed Frame in your room, go ahead and decide on the type of Twin XL Bed Frame.