Potato Fiber Market Size, Shares, Industry Trend, Demand, Applications, Types and 2028 Forecast Research Report

Market Outlook

There is a rise in the occurrence of health-related problems like IBDs, Obesity, diabetes, etc. owing to the changing dietary patterns, busy & sedentary lifestyles as well as unhealthy eating habits. With growing awareness and health consciousness among people, there is a rise in demand for functional food ingredients, which can provide additional health benefits as well as aid digestion. Dietary fibers are nutrients which are not easily and completely digested by enzymes in body but however, provides vital health benefits. Potato is an important vegetable which is consumed globally. Potato is a great source of both soluble as well as insoluble fibers. Potato fiber or potato dietary fiber is insoluble fiber that is used as the additive in various food preparations for carbohydrates reduction, reducing calories and dietary fiber enrichment as well as aids in the absorption of fats while cooking process. .

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Growing Health Consciousness along Demand for Nutritious Food Increases the Demand for Global Potato Fiber Market

The growing demand for healthy foods and dietary supplements has fuelled the demand for ingredients like potato fiber. Rising awareness about health-related issues, preference for healthy food, increased occurrences of digestive disorders as well as demand for weight management solutions are the prime drivers for the global potato fiber market. There has been an increase in the utilization of potato fiber in various food products for several applications owing to the growing demand for natural food additives. The sedentary lifestyle has increased the health issues like obesity, this increased demand for products like potato fiber as it helps in weight loss by reduction of calories as well as carbohydrate intake. The increased disposable income as well as increased expenditure on health products, especially from the middle-class population, is another driver for the global potato fiber market.

Global Potato Fiber Market Segmentation

In terms of type, the global potato dietary fiber market can be segmented as: -

  • Soluble Potato Fiber
  • Insoluble potato fiber

In terms of nature, the global potato dietary fiber market can be segmented as: -

  • Organic Potato Fiber
  • Conventional Potato Fiber

In terms of end use, the global potato dietary fiber market can be segmented as: -

  • Meat products
  • Baked goods
  • Extrudates
  • Doughs
  • Health food.
  • Savory products
  • Sweet potato powder (for baby food).

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Global Potato Fiber Market: Key Players

The demand for global potato fiber is booming. The key players of Potato fiber are Emsland Group, Sanacel, Agrana, Avebe, ingredion, BI Neutraceuticals, IFC, lyckeby, J. Rettenmaier and Sohne, ROQUETTE FRERES S.A., and others. Players like newcomers in the food and beverages sector are taking much interest in investing in the potato fiber market.