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The Shocking Truth Behind Sex And The CityWell the shocking the fact is out. Sex And The City is not good for your quality of life!I must say I was NOT shocked by the Associated Press report of a New York City Health Department Survey, that showed 1 in 4 New Yorkers were contaminated with the sexually transmitted disease Genital Herpes.

While Hollywood generally seems to ignore the obvious troubles related to the wanton quest for sex against the backdrop of the Nation's most populous city, we're presented with a fashion extravaganza of feel good hype to numb our senses to the truth.One thing is obvious, they cannot blame this epidemic on the Christian morality system that stands up a biblical world view that would virtually eliminate the transfer of the illness while giving a real vision of happiness and contentment in a monogamous relationship with the love of our youth. Website

But, inside our society we continue to substitute the quick and easy for the slow but effective method. You know, the strategy that God has presented for our lives because HE understood what the alternatives really had available for us. The lifestyle where sex followed marriage not the main one where sex was an audition for fun???No our media tries to cover up and mask the truth. Living a life build on Biblical morals, Christian morality, and Godly reverence is the actual way to have Sex and Live In The City. One other way also has a foregone absolute outcome. "The wages of sin is death".Nonetheless the reality remains, there is a higher cost for low living