Fragrance Powder Market | Trends, Share, Growth Rate, Opportunities and Market Forecast 2019 – 2027

Fragrance powder is used for pleasant or sweet smell in food and other industries. This powder comes in varieties of fragrance such as flower, wood, musk chemicals, alcohol, and others. Fragrance powder can be natural or synthetic. Fragrance powder can be directly extracted from flower, wood, spice, and other fruits. It also contains nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, which in turn, drive the market demand for fragrance powder in the market. Moreover, fragrance powder is used in cosmetic and other industries for various products such as toiletries. Fine fragrance & perfumed soaps and detergents have massive applications, which propels the demand for fragrance powder in the market. Listed are the factors responsible for the fragrance powder market growth, and expected to remain significant over the forecast period.

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Nowadays, consumers are inclining towards innovative products with different fragrance and properties. Therefore, the demand for different fragrance powders such as ester aldehydes and musk chemicals, is expected to increase and propel the growth of the fragrance powder market. Rising beauty awareness and growing inclusion of different fragrances in the cosmetic industry are driving the demand for fragrance powder globally. Moreover, fragrance powder is used in households in toiletries to provide desired fragrance and freshness. Also, natural fragrance is supposed to be safe, healthier, as well as therapeutic, which is expected to drive the demand for fragrance powder in the global market. Likewise, the demand for synthetic fragrance powder are also anticipated to rise, as these are comparatively cheaper than natural variants. Furthermore, increasing disposable incomes and living standard of consumers are expected to drive the market of fragrance powder. These are the factors, which are likely to drive the growth of the fragrance powder market.

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Key players operating in the global fragrance powder market are Etoshapan, Flanders Food Asbl, Cargill Foods, Flavarom International Ltd., MANE, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Inc., Sonarome, MATRIX, Premium Foods Co. Ltd., Clextral, TasteTech, Flavaroma Flavors & Fragrances, Etosha Pan (India) Pvt.Ltd., Sirius International Group, Ltd, and Drytec, among others. Apart from the above mentioned companies, many other manufacturers are showing a keen interest in the fragrance powder market, owing to its wide application in the food industry, resulting in high demand for fragrance powder over the forecast period.

Increasing awareness of consumers towards varieties of fragrance in different products such as food & beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, fine fragrance & perfumes, and soap & detergents is simultaneously driving the demand for fragrance powder in the market globally. The fragrance powder market is anticipated to grow with the significant growth of the personal care application segment, as the demand for perfumes, talcum powder, cream, and hair oil is increasing. Also, applications in hospitality, car, or room fresheners have become a prominent factor driving the growth of the fragrance powder market. Moreover, these markets have significant demand for synthetic fragrances including alcohol, ester aldehydes, and musk chemicals, which boost the up mood of consumers and create a lively environment.