Tiger Nuts Market is anticipated that the growth emain positive during the forecast period

The growing demand for healthy, plant-based snacks among consumers has fuelled the growth of tiger nuts in recent years.

Tiger nuts

are naturally occurring tuberous rhizome of sedge grass known as cyperus esculentus lativum. Tiger nuts do not belong to the nut family, but they have a texture similar to wrinkled crunchy granules. Tiger nuts are natively cultivated and consumed in Egypt and Spain as a part of the Mediterranean diet. Due to the growing consumer awareness about natural plant-based dietary products, tiger nuts are processed into snacks, juice extracts, grounded flour, oil, etc. The presence of fiber content makes tiger nuts perfect for a cereal breakfast. Due to their exotic creamy flavor and delicious taste, tiger nuts find applications in pancakes and desserts. The presence of an adequate concentration of carbohydrates makes tiger nuts an excellent alternative sweetener for diabetic patients.



Thriving Demand for Tiger Nuts in Herbal Medicine

Tiger nuts are not only utilized in food processing industries, but also have applications in herbal medicines and dietary supplements. There is a huge demand for the tiger nuts in the herbal medicine due to growing consumer awareness about detoxifying herbs. Due to a high concentration of vitamin E and C, tiger nuts are consumed to promote healthier metabolism and cell functioning. As tiger nuts are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, they are known to reduce excessive fats and manage regular weight. Along with weight management, tiger nuts are also used for controlling blood pressure due to the presence of high-density lipoproteins. As tiger nut juice contains high probiotics, it finds huge application in sports nutrition as well. Considering the growing consumption of tiger nuts in various sectors and regions, it is anticipated that the global tiger nuts market would proliferate in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.

Some of the key players in the tiger nuts market include The Tiger Nut Company Ltd, Tiger Nuts USA, The Ludlow Nut Co Ltd, Organic Gemini, Funky Nut Company, KCB International, CHRISTHILL GHANA LTD, Awum Farmers Ltd, Fontaine De Vie, Ecoideas, etc. More manufacturers and industrialists are showing a keen interest in tiger nuts due to their escalating demand among consumers over the years.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

As a high-dietary fiber ingredient and beneficial food addictive, tiger nuts have a vitalizing demand among manufacturers and consumers all over the world. Due to agglomerating supply chains and expanding distribution channels, it is anticipated that there would be higher returns for the investors in the tiger nuts market during the forecast period.

Global Tiger Nuts Market: A Regional Outlook

Tiger nuts are widely used across the world due to their growing applications in processed foods. Globally, tiger nuts are highly consumed in Europe due to growing consumer preference for dairy alternatives and healthy desserts. Tiger nuts are popularly consumed as ‘horchata’, a traditional plant-based milk. In the region of North America, tiger nuts are highly used in confectionery products due to the growing demand for plant-based foods. In the Asia Pacific, the increasing demand for herbal medicine and low cholesterol oil along with expanding demand for food additives in food processing industries have contributed to the positive growth of the tiger nuts market. In the Middle East & Africa, tiger nuts are used as a part of a regular diet along with staples due to abundant resources. In Latin America, tiger nuts are consumed in the form of grounded flour in bakeries to process pancakes and puddings. Due to all these factors, it is anticipated that the growth of the global tiger nuts market would remain positive during the forecast period.

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