Essential Oil Supplements Market : Industry Outlook, Growth Prospects and Key Opportunities 2019 – 2027

Global Essential oil supplements market is expected to register a robust growth, thanks to growing awareness about the natural properties of essential oils. These offer various benefits such as detoxification, bacterial resistance, stimulation, anti-viral properties, and calming effects. Various products in the global essential oil supplements market is gaining momentum quickly due safe, natural, and cost-efficient therapy uses for a number of health concerns as well.

Essential oils are also known as ethereal oils, volatile oils, and aetherolea. They are also simply referred to by the plant name they are extracted from. For example, Lavender. These are considered ‘essential’ as these embed the essence of their parent plant’s fragrance. Their name differs considerably from essential acids such as amino acid and fatty acids. Unlike these substances, the essential oils evaporate without leaving a residue or stains.

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Popular method for manufacturing products in the essential oil supplements market includes distillation after extraction. Steam is often used for distillation. Many players in the essential oil supplements market also undertake solvent extraction, expression, resin tapping, absolute oil extraction, and wax embedding methods

  • A new study published in the Journal of Food Science reports that essential oils can extend the shelf life of food products. The study conducted by Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) discovered that essential oils applications in packaging and their preservative abilities seem promising. Essential oil exhibit various properties such as antimicrobial and antioxidative.

Additionally, their antioxidants act in various different ways such as to terminate peroxides, free radical scavengers, and prevent lipid oxidation. Furthermore, the study concluded that the incorporation of essential oil can strengthen protein based films by providing them with water vapor barrier properties. This leads to strengthening by adding a resistance to stretching. This also decreases transparency and aids in reducing food spoilage.

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The various products in the essential oil supplements market are widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, as flavors in food and beverage products, soaps, and adding scents to cleaning products and incense. The rising demand for cosmetic products and food products is expected to result in numerous growth opportunities in the essential oil supplements market. FDA has approved the use of essential oil supplements as safe for food preservation. Additionally, the growing awareness among manufacturers about the products from the essential oil supplements market is expected to further growth. Growing demand for cosmetic products due to social media and transparent nature of social media is expected to drive the use of natural products in the near future. These changes are already governing dynamics of the market as major cosmetic product manufacturers are resorting to social-media influencer driven marketing strategies for promotion.

Products in the essential oil supplements market are also prominent in applications such as aromatherapy, food preservation, and pest control. Additionally, it is also considered a naturally effective pesticides. Essential oil and essential oil supplements have proven effective in stunting growth and inhibiting digestion, and repelling various pests and arthropods.

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Various European countries have banned the use of poisonous chemicals as pesticides. Additionally, the application of chemicals in urban areas to control rodent population is government by strict regulations. Hence, the dire need to find natural alternatives, growing demand for effective pesticides in agriculture, and their cost-effective nature are expected to result in significant growth for the essential oil supplements market.

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