April 14, 2020

Alfalfa Concentrate Market Trends Share Aims to Shake the highest turnover upto 2019 – 2027

Alfalfa concentrate is primarily used in animal feed, however in the recent years, it has gained increasing application in human nutrition, owing to its rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential amino acids. The alfalfa concentrate is also considered to serve as a valuable source of nutritional components for the food industry. Growing consumer interest in dietary supplements that provide certain physiological and prophylactic effects and help improve one’s health status has been gradually accelerating the demand for alfalfa concentrate. Excellent nutritive profile and high yield along with the ability of alfalfa concentrate to absorb nitrogen make it significant from nutritional perspective, which has further influenced the development of alfalfa concentrate market.



Désialis, Bioriginal Food & Science Corporation, Xi’an Tianrui Biotech Co., Ltd., Swanson Vitamins, Sun Prime, Navchetana Kendra, Xi ‘An Tianyi, JIAHERB Inc., Hunan Nutramax Inc., Nutrilite, Refine Biology, Martin Bauer Group, Nature LLC, Naturalin, LiquaDry, Nanjing Zhi Bai Cui Biology Technology, 3W Biotanical Extract, Changsha Active Ingredients Group, and Acetar Bio-Tech are among the leading players operating in the alfalfa concentrate market.

In January 2019, JIAHERB Inc., a key player in the

alfalfa concentrate market

adopted a new technology to launch an innovative juice powder that do not contain excipient and offer better taste, color, and odor than conventional juice powder.

In November 2018, Martin Bauer Group presented its new product concept – ‘Boost Your Feed. Naturally’ at EuroTier that introduced three new and natural approaches to overcome the current challenges faced in the animal feed industry. According to the company, the product concept focuses on the natural stabilization of feed and its raw materials. Additionally, it entered into partnership with Hayleys Group to cater the global demand for premium quality tea ingredients.

In August 2018, Chanel, a leading cosmetic brand introduce the new ‘Le Lift’ creams with ingredient derived from alfalfa botanical concentrate and Edulis which offers extremely sensorial textures.

In April 2018, Luzerne-Research & Development (L-RD) introduced its new superfood with alfalfa protein concentrate – Luzixeen which contains nearly 45-60% of protein, a plant-based alternative to animal-derived proteins.

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Growing awareness of rich health benefits of alfalfa concentrate among global population along with rising number of health-conscious consumers has significantly influenced growth of the alfalfa concentrate market. In the recent times, consumer inclination toward vegan diet has led to a surge in the demand for plant-based proteins and other products which in turn is likely to serve as a catalysts for the growth of alfalfa concentrate market. Further, manufactures of nutraceutical products and dietary supplements are continuously focusing on the development plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten free protein concentrates which will possibly create lucrative opportunities for key market players operating in the manufacturing of alfalfa concentrates. Growing aging population coupled with rising incidences of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease is expected to accelerate the demand and subsequently the future expansion of alfalfa concentrate market.

While alfalfa concentrate has gained momentum for its high nutritional content, it has poor solubility and unpleasant sensory properties which limits its application in the food industry. Increasing competition of alfalfa concentrate with other ingredients in dietary or protein supplements and more availability of better plant-based alternatives may create hindrance in the global expansion of alfalfa concentrate market.

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