Seitan Market Growth : Settles lower on rise in imports, spot market cues 2019 – 2027

Seitan, also known as wheat gluten, is a popular vegan meat substitute made entirely out of hydrated gluten, the main protein present in wheat. Apart from gluten, seitan still consists high protein and minerals and low carbs and fats, making it a nutritious food. In the recent years, growing consumer shift toward vegetarian and vegan diet has largely influenced the consumption of seitan for its rich protein content and extremely low carbs. Moreover, seitan has relatively neutral taste, allowing it to take on flavors of multiple seasonings very well and blend into any meal. It is also becoming a popular vegan protein option among people who are sensitive and allergic to soy-based products such as tempeh and tofu. Soaring demand for plant-based food products in various regions across the globe is anticipated to translate into the development of

seitan market


Seitan Market – Notable Developments

Wheaty, Sweet Earth Foods, LIMA, Upton’s Naturals, Maya, Vbites Foods Ltd., Morningstar Farms, Meatless B.V., The Nisshin Ollio Group Ltd., MGP Ingredients, Inc., Garden Protein International, Inc., and Amy’s Kitchen, Inc. are among the leading players participating in seitan market.

  • In February 2019, Upton’s Naturals announced to launch wheat-protein-based Jerky Bites at Natural Products Expo West 2019. According to company, these 100% vegan snacks offer an excellent source of protein and vitamin B-12, which come in creative, tropical-inspired flavors. In July 2018, Upton’s Naturals had introduced 60-second Thai Meal Kits in its line of jackfruit products. The company is widely known for its Seitan in Italian, Ground, Chorizo, Bacon, Chick, and Traditional flavors.

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  • Sainsbury’s, a UK supermarket chain, released a massive 25 vegan products throughout January during Veganuary 2019, including seitan bacon, chorizo-style Shroomdogs, and ‘beefless’ Szechuan beef. As consumer demand for plant-based products continue to skyrocket, the supermarket giant is planning to expand its vegan offerings to over 100 products.
  • In June 2018, Sweet Earth Foods, a brand known for its frozen pizzas and vegan seitan meat, launched a new line of frozen pizza made with organic ingredients: Herb Lover’s™, Protein Lover’s™, Truffle Lover’s™, and Veggie Lover’s™. The company had introduced its new artisan vegan pizza in March 2018 at the Natural Products Expo West.

Seitan Market Dynamics

With emerging trends of veganism, various fast-food restaurants across the globe have been serving dishes including burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, and tacos made of meat substitutes such as seitan. Growing number of fast-food outlets globally along with increasing use of such substitutes in variety of vegan dishes is considered to be one of the key factors driving seitan market. With rising competition in restaurant or foodservice industry, especially in developed nations, well-established chains as well as regional fast-food outlets are continuously focusing on improving the product quality, menu price, service, and offerings. This in turn is likely to result into a surge in the demand for innovative ingredients such as meat substitutes and subsequently accelerate the growth of seitan market.


Substantial growth of seitan market can also be attributed to escalating vegan population on the account of rising health concerns regarding the consumption of meat products which may lead to obesity couple with disease outbreaks in livestock. Further, increase in the global demand for ready-to-eat foods is identified to be a demand driving determinant for seitan.

While product innovations are readily adopted in the seitan market, rapid penetration of e-commerce business has been encouraging key players to sell their products through online sales channels which will possibly contribute to the revenue maximization of seitan market.

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