The story was told my wife

My wife told me when she was young she, her parents and her family’s friends liked very much a winter barbecue. They lived near the forest out of Moscow ring road in the district Novo-Peredelkino. And they went to the forest every weekend. They bought meat, vegetables, alcohol drinks. On the way to the forest children played snowballs and adults carried the heavy bags with the foods. After they have come to the place of future barbecue, all together began to looking for the woods. Then they lighted a fire. While charcoals were prepared in the fire they had a lunch with sandwiches and sweet black tea. The adults started to drink alcohol. Then when everything was ready for barbecue they started to grill meat. My wife told me the smell of grilled meat was very tasty and spread over the forest. She told as well that was a very strong memory of her childhood and she would want it to repeat again.