The last movie I watched

This Saturday I watched a movie named “Knives out”. First of all, it is a real good film, I recommend it for the watching to all without except.
This is a detective story shot in a very interesting manner, especially the first third of film. An amazing cameraman work! The story started with the killing. The head of a big American family was found dead. He killed himself with a knife. He was a crime book writer and a very rich person. He was 85. The police officers decided the all clues pointed to a suicide, but there was a private investigator who was hired by anonymous and had to find truth. He was doubting about the suicide case and started his own investigation with the helping of an young girl who was the nurse of the dead old man.
The plot of the film is very interesting and has many twists. The truth about death of the old man we have known in the first half of the story. But how this knowledge will use different heroes of the film is the most interesting part of the story.
The cast of the film includes such actors as Daniel Craig, Chris Evance, Jamie Lee Curtis and others