The TV-show

Last week I watched the first episode of TV-show Extra. It was shot by BBC channel especially for people learning English. It is a show about two girls living in the same flat.

There is a young man in the show, as well. He is a neighbour of the girls and he is in love with one of the girls. In the first episode the pen pal from Argentina came to one of the girls, who called herself Gigi. The man was from very rich family, but the girls thought the man was an ordinary student, also he didn’t speak English well. I guess, it'll come out of many funny stories with these heroes in other episodes

This TV-show reminded me the similar show showed on Russia tv-channels in the 90th. It called “Ellen and the friends.”

I guess, regardless Extra was created for learning English, it is very funny show and I’ll keep on continue (go ahead, continue) to watch it with pleasure.